Monday, December 17, 2007

Marshall Ramsey bio

Marshall Ramsey, 39, is the editorial cartoonist for The Clarion-Ledger. He is a two-time Pulitzer finalist and is nationally syndicated by Copley News Service. His cartoons have appeared in USA Today, Newsweek, U.S. News and World Report, The Chicago Tribune, The New York Times and on his Mother's refrigerator. It is also rumored that his work has appeared frequently in the bathrooms of several prominent local politicians.

Ramsey is a 1991 graduate of The University of Tennessee. His collegiate cartoons won the John Locher Memorial Award, the top prize awarded to college editorial cartoonists. He has also illustrated several books, including six children's books for financial expert Dave Ramsey and one for chef and author Robert. St. John. He's a dad, husband and an amateur blogger.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Check out the new blog

Here you go.

It's kinda working

I will be posting over on the new site for the rest of the day. But it is still buggy.

My hair hurts.

Blogs aren't working yet

Todd Bridges said that it will take about 30 minutes for everything to switching over (they are moving everything from the test servers to our main ones). Right now, when you try to click on my welcome entry (which is not showing the art that it should), you go to some hybrid page of the old site.

So in the meantime, I will keep using this page. I will put a message up that reads, "GO TO THE NEW BLOG!!!!"

The end is near

I know some make fun of us for using Blogger, but the one thing I will say about it is that it took the process out of the creative process. One of my biggest fears about my job is that my time will get filled up with technical busy work that keeps me from creating. Blogger, designed for my 6th grade mind, kept that from happening.

And I could get my art to show up on the main page.


I'm sitting here, in the blog bunker waiting for the moment everything switches over. And like Y2k, I hope it all goes off without a hitch. But just in case it doesn't, I made a readiness kit:

1. A 12-pack of Coke. It might be something stronger if I wasn't at work.
2. My Frank Melton action figure with karate-chop motion.
3. A six-month supply of toilet paper.
4. My MEMA-emergency radio/TV.
5. A weapon (a sharp pencil)
6. A bottle of Haley Barbour campaign water (I got it at the Neshoba County Fair a couple of years ago)
7. Hand sanitizer.
8. A Calvin and Hobbes book (to read in case the internet goes out).
9. Five cases of SPAM (seems appropriate when dealing with a computer).
10. The rest of my pain pills from last week. Narcotics might be required.

I'm about to go flood the bathroom so we can have extra water. Just in case.

Winding this blog down

In about three hours, we will convert over to the new system. Once you get used to it, I think you will like it -- I know I do. It take a little getting used to, but once you do, it really starts to be fun to play around with.

I will link the crap out of this blog, though, so you can keep checking back to comments and see old posts. No fear. I have 4,000+ posts I don't want to lose.

FBI Director is coming to town

You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I'm telling you why - FBI Director Robert Mueller is coming to town. His motorcade just went past my window -- and it was armored to the teeth. You pout, you're taken out. There were dudes in the cars (the windows were down) with what looked like an M-16s -- pretty heavy firepower for Pearl Street. There were also some JPD motorcycle cops, several cars -- the procession looked like they were traveling from Baghdad International Airport to the Green Zone.

He was in Alabama yesterday talking about Civil rights-era cold cases. That's probably why he is here today. Or, he may be asking Malcolm McMillin to take over for him.

That's probably it.

Dick's Chute -- An appreciation

There hasn't been this much concrete poured since Hoover Dam was built. All through downtown Jackson, concrete medians are going up -- and through the Waterworks Curve, they are going up on both sides of the road. It's making a really cool thrill ride. Sure, the walls terrify Mrs. R and most other drivers who don't drive through there often, but man, I love them! So much so that I hate that Evel Knievel took the dirt nap before he had a crack at them. He would have gotten all tingly riding his bike through Jackson.

But the most exciting area to drive is going from Woodrow Wilson (I bet 90% of kids don't know who he was) from UMC onto I-55 north. I have affectionately named that area after Dick Hall -- Dick's Chute. Dick's Chute replaced Dick's Sticks -- the contraptions that kept you from Blue Angeling over to Lakeland Drive (across four lanes of traffic). Now, you hit Dick's Chute while driving around 60 mph. Then you curve left and you end up into this concrete chute that spits you out into the left lane. The best way I can describe it is like this -- Remember when the Millenium Falcon shot out the second Death Star? You are like Lando shouting "YAH HOO!" by the time you hit the interstate. And you expect flames from an exploding Hyundai behind you (the older lady hit the wall) to lick at your rear bumper. AWESOME!

And if you want a real thrill, come back and do it at night. Double AWESOME!

Thursday Free-For-All

What's happening? Me? I am still messing around with my new cellphone. That should keep me busy until New Year's...

Mississippi Trivia

40. Beth Henley is a playwright and Pulitzer Prize winner from Jackson.


Question of the day

Are you cool with Ed Thompson coming back as State Health Czar, or should Tyrone Nix have gotten the job?

Morning Blog News Update: Thursday Edition

Like mentioned earlier, the blog has crossed the 4,000 mark and is still clicking along. And today is also another big milestone -- the website will switch over to a new design (yea!) and the blog will no longer be on Blogger. But fear not. The more things change, the more they stay the same. You will continue find the same kind of crap you have come to love and expect from me. And your links will take you to the new blog. I will continue to blog on this blog until the change and then will have links to it when the change happens. So nothing will be lost in the transition. Like bags on a flight. Uh oh.

Well, there is no change in the weather today. It will be pretty much like yesterday and tomorrow. Expect a high of 57 and sun. Rain chances go up to a nasty sprinkle this weekend.

Omaha Mall Shooting
Robert A. Hawkins, 20, goes into a busy shopping mall and starts killing innocent shoppers before he kills himself. Nine are dead, including the shooter. My questions is why couldn't he have started with himself. I realize people are walking around mad a World, but honestly, the World usually is only partly to blame. But outrage aside, what a terrible tragedy. And as place that has scars from such shootings, our hearts go out to our friends in Nebraska.

Nice honor for Croom
It's worth mentioning again, Mississippi State Coach Sylvester Croom went from being on the bubble to S.E.C. Coach of the Year. Nice guys do finish first.

Not Nix
South Carolina (and former Bower Assistant) Tyrone Nix won't be a candidate to replace Jeff Bower at USM and Larry Fedora (Oklahoma State offensive coordinator) and David Lee (Arkansas and soon-to-be Ole Miss offensive coordinator) have been interviewed.

Back to the Future
Here's the full story about Dr. Ed Thompson's full-time return to the Health Department. He'll pull a Malcolm McMillin and continue serve as a Department Head at UMC until a replacement can be found.

Not "24", more like 48. 48 days in Jail
Keifer Sutherland, son of Donald and star of the hit show "24", will be resting comfortably in a
Glendale, California jail for the next 48 days, working off a D.U.I. sentence. "Kiefer made the decision to surrender to custody immediately," his attorney, Blair Berk, told The Associated Press. He could have waited as late as Feb. 12.

Grinch is coming
Lawmakers may slash budget. But of course they will, it's the year after an election.

Thursday's cartoon


According to my dashboard, the odometer just rolled over to 4,000 posts. Thank you. If you weren't reading this blog like you were, I wouldn't be posting so prolifically. I hope you've had as much fun as I have.

Today is the big change over. At around 2 p.m., the blog will switch over to our new system. In most ways, it will be better. And yes, you can create a page that uses your little picture, so that when you blog, your image shows up. You can even create a blog on our site. I know it sounds complicated, but it isn't. I set mine up all by myself. And while I am not stupid, I am way to busy to have time to do that -- and I did it pretty quickly.

Back to 4,000 -- it's an artificial milestone, but took some real sacrifices on the part of my family for me to make it so quickly. So Mrs. R, Son #1, Hot Laser Guy and Baby Ramsey deserve some props, too.

Back to the blog.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy

Sylvester Croom: SEC Coach of the Year.

Croom, who led the Bulldogs to a 7-5 record and their first bowl berth since 2000, was named coach of the year by his peers and by the Associated Press.


Former State Senator and Lt. Governor candidate Charlie Ross of Brandon has announced he is running for Chip Pickering's Congressional seat. As our good friend Montgomery Burns would say, "Excellent."

Quick hit

From now on, if a quick cartoon idea hits me, I will sketch it and post it to the blog. Don't expect great art (ha, like you ever get great art).

Back to the Future

Dr. Ed Thompson has been named permanent State Health Officer, replacing Dr. Brian Amy who replaced Dr. Ed Thompson. He was chosen from a pool of three finalists. Malcolm McMillin was probably one of them.

Balducci pleads guilty

Lawyer Timothy Balducci has pleaded guilty to conspiracy and is working with federal prosecutors in the Scruggs case.

Read more here.


I met the head of Atmos in Mississippi last night -- great guy and obviously very proud of his company. I wouldn't expect less. He was proudly telling me how his company had invested $300 million into the Mississippi economy and then he asked, "how many companies have done that?"

I answered, "I have -- I am redoing my kitchen."

He looked at me like I was from Mars.

P.S. Operation Tile Backsplash is now into the operational phase. I am staying out of it, other than the shifting around the financial means to fund it. I will be selling kitchen war bonds soon.

More blog info

1. It will convert to the new system tomorrow a 2 p.m.
2. You won't need a Blogger log on (ding dong the witch is dead). You just register on the C-L site for everything.
3. Most of my recent posts will make the new blog. All of my posts will eventually get on there. I obviously have the largest blog to move, so Andy will be busy.
4. It will be better.

State of the Blog

Tomorrow, (I am about 95% sure) the blog will be in a different format. Registration will be easier and the look will be more attractive. And to mark this milestone (and my 4,000th post), I have been looking back at the last few weeks to see what I can do different and better. One thing I have noticed is that I need to be trying some new stuff -- I have kind of fallen into a rut (always a risk when you are super busy). I want to keep this thing as fresh as I can and to keep the consistent growth it has experienced in the past year going. This thing is a canvas for me to be as creative as I can be -- I want to take advantage of it every way I can.

Let's see, what else? Hits are still steadily growing. For example, I've seen a 10% spike in hits since I have been back from vacation. So apparently, I am picking up some new readers out there -- so whoever you are, thank you for dropping in. This is your blog as much as it is mine -- most of the time your comments are funnier and more interesting than mine. The blog is also regularly one of the top non-sports related items on the website and that is a powerful motivator for me to keep spending time on it.

Andy will give me my marching orders today on what I need to do for the new format. It's my ultimate goal to have a one-stop shop for blog, cartoon, archive and store on one page. Tune in and hang on. This will be fun.


The UPS truck is the big person version of the ice cream truck.

10 Posts until 4,000

Let the countdown to another meaningless milestone begin.

Time to wake the sleeping beasts

Even my dogs gave up on me this morning. They are asleep on my bed. But it is time to get the rat race started. Son #1 usually wakes up on his own, but he's sacked out. I need to get him going and get him to school.

I was talking with a co-worker on the way in to work yesterday and found out she has four kids. We outlined our mornings and told tales of getting the kids ready. And I think we both agreed it is good to get to work so we can rest.

Guilty pleasure #234

I love watching stuff I bought as it moves across the country on the shipping companies' websites.

Today's mission: Watching new cellphones as they navigate from Memphis to my house.

Wednesday free-for-all

It is Wednesday, isn't it?

Mississippi Trivia

21. In 1982, through a Joint Resolution of the United States Congress, Jackson became the official home of the USA International Ballet Competition, which is now held every fourth year in Jackson, during the second weekend in June. This dance competition is touted as the Olympics of Dance, where competitors vie for gold, silver and bronze medals, cash awards and scholarships. Jackson is the only city in the United States to host this international event. In Europe, host cities include Moscow, Russia; Helsinki, Finland; Paris, France and Varna, Bulgaria.


Question of the day

What do you think should be the Legislature's top issue this upcoming session?

Morning Blog News Update: Wednesday Edition

That was a short nap. But this is no time to sleep -- I have very important work to do. I must bring you the Morning Blog News Update. I can sleep when I take my dirt nap. So before that fateful day happens, let's get started.

It is cold in my study this morning. That leads me to believe that it is cold outside. OK, just checked my Jim Cantore-model Weather Channel Weather Station and it is 39 degrees. But the good news is that it will be sunny and 67.

New Health Director to possibly be picked today. Maybe. It could happen. There's a chance. Stay tuned. Any second now. We're waiting. Hurry the @#$# up.
The new, shiny, happy Board of Health will vote on a shiny new State Health Officer. Kudos to Dr. Ed Thompson for stepping back into his former job and trying to pick up some of the pieces. And considering how serious the health issues facing this state, I hope the Board is picking someone who is more into solving them instead of just saying "yes" to the Board. To all of my friends at the Health Department, good luck on the new boss.

Another Beef Plant indictment
This time it is James Draper of Mount Juliet, Tenn. He's a refrigeration company sales representative and he faces federal charges for allegedly pocketing funds designated for equipment at the failed Mississippi Beef Processors plant in Oakland. He's the third person in deep beef doo doo. Will he be the last? Who knows.

Big dreams in a small town
Pelahatchie and Puckett (love that name) are planning for growth. And the way Rankin County is booming, I'd say their dreams will come true. There once was a man from Nantuckett who just said Puckett.

Latest on the Scruggs
Here's this morning's story. Timothy Balducci was arraigned and pleaded not guilty.
The Wall Street Journal is all over the story. Here is a Q&A with John Grisham about the case. And they are reporting that Scruggs' firm will be pulling out of the Katrina cases. Here's the Scrugg's Katrina Group's website with the letter on it.

The latest on Iran
From the story: A new U.S. intelligence review concluding Iran stopped developing an atomic weapons program in 2003 is a "declaration of victory" for Iran's nuclear program, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Wednesday. Bush read it differently. He still sees Iran as a threat."Look, Iran was dangerous, Iran is dangerous, and Iran will be dangerous if they have the knowledge necessary to make a nuclear weapon," he said. "The NIE says that Iran had a hidden -- a covert nuclear weapons program. That's what it said. What's to say they couldn't start another covert nuclear weapons program?"

How about a trailer for the new Narnia movie?
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian -- coming May 16,2008

The Grinch had nothing on these thugs
Two boys Scouts and their dads were robbed in Ohio while selling Christmas Trees. They were robbed of $350, knocked to the ground and had sawed-off shotguns pointed at them. "At first I thought it was just a little joke, but then, when I saw the gun, I was terrified," said John Hancock Jr., 13, of Troop 393. "And after I saw the gun this guy just punched me right here and it knocked me down," the boy said, pointing to his face. A local business owner replaced their money and the thugs got away.

Wednesday's cartoon

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tower of Ridgeland

Well. Well. Ridgeland Mayor Gene McGee cast the deciding, tie-breaking vote in favor of the 13-story tower in Ridgeland, 200 Renaissance. When it is done, it will house the Butler Snow law firm, Horne CPA Group and Regions Bank -- and it will leave a big ol' empty Amsouth/Deposity Guaranty/Regions Building in downtown Jackson. Developer Buster Bailey said construction could start as soon as next week.

Life of the party

I got home tonight at 9:40 p.m. feeling a little grumpy and a whole lotta tired. My kids were asleep -- I missed out on seeing them tonight. Darn it. I had no time to unwind -- I was the guest of honor at a pity party for one.

But then I reread today's story about the 3,500 Mississippi National Guardsmen who have been alerted that they may go back to Iraq. And then I thought about the men and women spread out across the globe who would like to just have the chance to kiss their sleeping kids on the forehead tonight.

So much for the pity party. Think will go in, go to sleep and count my blessings like sheep.

Coloring inside the lines

Archie Manning had to be proud the first time his kids scored a touchdown. I came home to find that my 5-year-old had meticulously colored inside the lines (I can't even color inside of the lines). Amazing little fart. My heart is bursting with artistic pride.

Speech to the newly elected legislators.

I think I know how the Blues Brothers felt at Bob's Country Bunker -- standing in front of a bunch of freshmen legislators after an open bar made me feel about as naked as I could've felt while wearing clothes. I would have traded my kingdom for some chicken wire.

But hell, I survived. Made a joke about eating pork (legislators love pork) when there was all of the beef you could eat from the beef plant. Got a few groans on the beef plant cartoons. Showed some Billy McCoy and Amy Tuck cartoons. Showed Haley and John Arthur cartoons. I didn't hold anything back.

I was brave because I was nearer to the door than they were.

From all accounts, this incoming group of newly elected legislators is a pretty sharp bunch. Think of them as a good recruiting class. In a few years, hopefully a good team will emerge from their ranks.

Well, as a cartoonist, I hope not. But as a guy trying to raise kids in this state, I pray it does.

S.I. Athlete of the Year: Brett Favre

And you want to know the truth? It's well deserved.

Here's the link.

And thanks Raymond for giving me a head's up.

Afternoon report

I am not sure if I am lazy or if I am still zapped from the surgery, but I sure would like to go to a park somewhere and read a book today. It is great out there today. Am working on a cartoon for tomorrow that I will be able to use in my speech to the Legislature today. Can't wait for that.

25 to go

Only 25 more posts until I get to 4,000. That and $2.99 will get you a gallon of gas.

Car karaoke

"Seven Bridges Road" by The Eagles came on my iPod last night as I was driving home. CAR KARAOKE! I still don't have a voice left -- that one gets me every time.

Morning faux pas

I got the blog done. I got ready, got the boys ready, emptied the dishwasher -- heck, I even got the trash out. What I didn't do was get my card that gets me in the building.

It sure is cold outside today.

Still getting the Southern Miss hate calls

Got to love a cartoon that keeps on giving.

New feature

Coming soon, you will be able to click on the cartoon and get a much larger version pop up on the screen. That will make all of the little details show up better.

Mississippi Trivia

14. S. B. "Sam" Vick of Oakland, played for the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. He was the only man ever to pinch hit for baseball great Babe Ruth.


Tuesday Free-For-All

What's up?

Question of the day

Are you going to the Liberty Bowl? VHDAWG, we already know your answer.

Morning Blog News Update: Tuesday Edition

Well, this may be the last Morning Blog News Update ever. I speak to the Legislature tonight -- I may not live to see the sun rise tomorrow. It's been nice knowing you. So if anything happens to me, I leave the blog to all of you in equal parts. Oh, and does anyone want to be my food taster? I hear they may be serving beef plant beef.

80 one day, cold as a marble in the freezer the next. Right now it is 29, but in just a few hours, it will be a sunny 63. A slight chance of rain pops into the forecast for the weekend.

Remembering Latasha Norman
This story is just a heartbreaker. Good kid, hooks up with a creep and ends up being abused. And then she pays with her life. Norman's pastor, the Rev. John Evans of Cathedral AME Zion Church in Jackson urged the crowd to forgive her killer (how hard to do) and delivered the most powerful message of all: He urged young women who are being abused to put an immediate stop to it. "That ain't love. That's slavery. Yes, it is. That's slavery. I thought we got out of that," he said. Well said. Well said.

Automatic Data Processing coming to Clinton
The old World Com building will be getting a tenant and our area could end up with 1,000 news jobs over the next five years. Automatic Data Processing on Monday said it bring a "solutions center" to the area on Jan. 1. ADP does business outsourcing services -- including payroll, human resources, tax and benefits programs.

Mississippi History: The Civilian Conservation Corps in Vicksburg
One of FDR's better ideas, the Civilian Conservation Corps mobilized an army of unemployed men to do valuable infrastructure work around the nation. Visit the Great Smoky National Park and most of the trails and roads were built or improved by the CCC. Here's a good story about the work these me did in the Vicksburg National Battlefield Park. There was some stuff I didn't know. (Not a huge shock). It's worth a read.

Clinton vs. Obama
Hillary is tearing into Obama, attacking his lack of experience and suggesting that he has too much ambition (not that she would know a thing about ambition -- and besides, what's wrong with ambition?). Anyway, with about a month to go, the fight really heats up.

Huckleberry Hound
That's who I think of when I hear Mike Huckabee's name. And I have been thinking of the blue dog a lot lately because the former large (now skinny) Governor from Arkansas is gaining serious traction, especially with the evangelical wing of the Republican party. His 15-minutes of fame have caused him to now poll up there with Hillary. From the story: The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows Giuliani with 20% support nationwide while Huckabee attracts 17%. Fred Thompson is at 14%, John McCain at 13% and Mitt Romney at 11%. Ron Paul attracts 7% of Likely Republican Primary voters nationwide and no other Republican candidate reaches 2%.

And you wonder why there are eating disorders...
Jennifer Love Hewitt is being attacked for being fat in the tabloids because photos taken of her at the beach. I am sure the dude writing the captions and taking the photos is a size freakin' zero himself. Idiots.

Want a Liberty Bowl ticket? Better hurry
I am surprised they aren't already sold out. Mississippi State received an allotment of 23,000 tickets from the Autozone Liberty Bowl; Mississippi State's ticket office processed telephone and Internet orders for 13,110 as of yesterday. Larry Templeton said State could get more if needed. Sounds like he may need to make that call.

Tuesday's cartoon

I've probably drawn a tornado cartoon before, but I could not think of a better analogy. Especially after that amazing use of a tornado on Desperate Housewives the other day. If the little donkeys in the trailer were on the that show, they'd be taping their windows...

Monday, December 3, 2007

Christmas Song of the day

Snoopy's Christmas by The Royal Guardsmen

Try whistling this

Went to the car dealership to get some warranty work done on the Ramseymobile. Our vehicle is honestly the best car I have ever own -- it is perfect for hauling the Ramsey brood around over vast distances. Boys are happy with the DVD , Mom likes that she can listen to the radio and Dad has heated seats to keep his famously bad back from hurting. But it does have one minor flaw that causes me serious mind-numbing headaches. A trim piece around the windshield keeps warping, making a noise that sounds like a teapot on the stove. Think it is no big deal? Try it for 2,000 miles. Turning up the radio only solves some of the problem. After a few hours of listening to the high-pitched shrill sound, I am ready to play golf using kittens.

It's been fixed twice. And it still rewarps. Like I said, it's not like the transmission falls out on the road, but it's annoying. And I have enough annoying in my life. I don't need more. I just want it to not whistle. I don't need a several thousand dollar teapot.

So I went in today and the dealer fixed it again, with a smile and no hassle. They made it good without a single question.

Being a Ramsey, I don't believe in buying new cars (nor do I lease my cars either) -- but I have to admit, these guys are doing a good job luring me back in with my car finally pushes up iron daisies.

Maybe the Hollywood writers should STAY on strike

I saw one of the all-time dumbest things on Desperate Housewives (I know, it's not Masterpiece Theater, but even for Desperate Housewives this was particularly stupid)

There was a tornado watch and people were taping their windows.

That made my hair hurt.

The new must have combination

Forget Peanut Butter and Jelly, Bacon and Eggs, Mom and Apple Pie, cookies and milk -- the new must have combination is Pot Roast and Floss.

A couple of milestones

Sometime this week, I will hit my 4,000th post. But more important than that, the blog will totally change. Same type content -- but the format will change totally. How? Beats the heck out of me. No one has told me yet. I have been told that it will be better.

I will keep you up-to-date as soon as I am filled in.

Christmas countdown

Just twenty-one days left until you have to start your shopping.

To-do list:

Here's what I have facing me today. Two cartoons will take about seven hours. So as you can see, this will be a long day.

Get oil changed in the van before work.
Run by the bank.
Draw two cartoons - one local, one national
Ed board.
Change password.
Clean cubicle once and for all.

Question of the day

Is the Liberty Bowl where State should be going?

Monday Free-For-All

Thoughts on what is happening out there?

Mississippi Trivia

52. Mississippi University for Women graduate, Ms. Neill James, of Meridian, authored The Petticoat Vagabond, and also introduced the silk industry to Ajijic, Mexico. In 1983 she was inducted into The International Who's Who of Intellectuals in Cambridge, England.


Morning Blog New Update: Monday Edition

Let's do a quick look on what we are up against today.

Got my cooler weather I was wishing for yesterday. A front blew through last night (did it ever) and now it will be in the 50's today. Now, I wish for a billion gagillion dollars.

Football news
Nix is a candidate. Saints blow another one. And the cowbell is now the Liberty Bell. Here is the complete bowl list and here are NFL scores. Links aplenty.

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was handed a defeat yesterday in his bid to change the constitution to abolish term limits (and make him a dictator). The vote was 51-49. Hate that for you, big guy.

Top three movies
Enchanted ($17 mil), This Christmas ($8.4 mil) and Beowolf ($7.8 mil). Check out for the complete list. Evil Knievel is still dead.

MARL (Mississippi Animal Rescue League) needs a major gift from Santa
MARL (it's a good thing they aren't the Southern National Animal Rescue League -- SNARL) needs another $250,000 on top of their current $550,000 budget to cover expenses. They do good work and if you have a couple quarters lying around, it's a good cause.

Wanna see promo pictures from the next Batman movie?
From The Dark Knight: Batman and the Joker.

Imus is back today. An Los Angeles Times column calls CNN the Corrupt News Network because of the ethical lapses from the last debate.

Russia keeps Putin
Sorry, I couldn't resist. Putin wins in a landslide. A election violations are feared.

Monday's cartoon

I got a passionate if not slightly rambling letter about how I was picking on poor oil when the price of everything else is going up too. I didn't have to heart (or patience) to write back as remind that oil-loving person that the cost of shipping is a big reason why everything else is going up, too.

I filled up my car yesterday -- $54.32. Merry @#$%^ Christmas.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Give me Liberty or give me...

This is pretty old news by this time, but I thought I would give you a place to comment. State is officially headed to Memphis to play in the Liberty Bowl against Central Florida.

Memphians will have cowbells ringing in their ears for days afterwards.

Clarion-Ledger Holiday card

Happy Holidays from our family to yours.


Never got rest much today -- so is life at the Ramsey house.  We went to church and then had lunch at Sal & Mookies.  If you haven't eaten there, you ought to. It ain't cheap, but the pizza was fantastic.  We all cleaned our plates -- we ordered a large mushroom, sausage and pepperoni pizza.  (You don't go too exotic when you have three small kids.  After the pizza, we went over to the ice cream shop and finished the meal with ice cream cones. The boys had some neon blue crap that I would not allow in the van.  So we ate it there. From there, we went to church Christmas pageant practice.  When we got home, we cleaned.  And now I am backing up my hard drive on my computer.  My computer is seven years old -- a dinosaur.  So I don't trust it that much any more (but I will give Apple credit, I have had three in 20 years).  I got to watch at 20 minutes of the Colts game.  The sacrifices you make for family.  Now to go empty the dishwasher.

Oh for Pete's sake, the air conditioning just came on.  When will cool weather ever get here.

Sunday Free-For-All

What's going on? Think we may go see a movie...

Mississippi Trivia

82. The Singing River, in Pascagoula, murmurs a tragic tale of Indian lore. The Pascagoula Indians were a tribe of contented, idyllic people, whereas the Biloxi Indians considered themselves the 'first people, " and were jealous of the Pascagoula. Anola, a princess of the Biloxi tribe, was in love with Altama, chief of the Pascagoulas. She was betrothed to a chieftain of her own tribe, but fled with Altama to his people. Faced with enslavement by the Biloxi tribe, the Pascagoulas joined hands and began to chant a song of death as they walked into the river until the last voice was hushed by the dark, engulfing waters.

The Singing River is famous worldwide for the noise it makes, like a swarm of bees. The music, which grows nearer and louder until it seems to come from under foot, is best heard in the still of evening, during late summer and autumn. Various scientific explanations have been offered for the phenomenon, but none have been proven.


Question of the day

Do you send out Christmas cards?

Morning Blog News Update: Lite edition

Need to limp to church today. Pain is subsiding and I need to go say thanks for getting me through the last few weeks. So this will be short.

Rain. At least a 50% chance of it. Wish it were higher, and that the Weather Service was predicting more of it. But I will take every drop that hits my house. Expect a balmy high of 78, too.

SEC Championship:UT beats UT, LSU is credited with the win.
Two interceptions, one for a touchdown and one to kill a game-tying drive plus a missed chip-shot field goal handed the game to LSU. Otherwise, Tennessee played the Tigers tough.

Why I am glad I live in a place where it will be 78 today
The Midwest has been plastered with Snow and Ice. And I am wearing shorts today. Heh.

Vote for me for Dictator for Life!
President --but soon to be Dictator Chavez --wants his term-limit removed and to be made "President for Life." Frank Melton is looking into changing Jackson's charter, too.

IMUS debuts tomorrow
Don Imus is back. Will he torch his protesters or will he be a kinder, gentler Imus. Or will I care? Howard Stern, a long-time Imus nemesis, said, "At this point, I don't think he's very relevant," Stern said. "People will tune out within a week. I defy you to listen. It's like a rodeo -- you know, see how long you can ride a bull? See how long you can keep listening to Imus."

The battle of Dickie Scruggs
The zillionaire trial lawyer is in for the fight of his life. Here's a story that talks about it. If he did what he accused of, he's an idiot. Why put your reputation and career (and son) at risk when you know the other side is going to be gunning for you. If he didn't do it, he put himself in a position to be set up. This is going to get down and dirty.

Christian (BATMAN) Bale in a new Terminator movie?
Presidential campaign in Iowa gets put on ice.
Shoney's trying to become a big boy again and reclaim some of its former glory.

Sunday's cartoon

Let's just say he has a Lott of baggage.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

A cartoonist looks at Forty

Mother, mother ocean, after all the years I've found
My occupational hazard being my occupations just not around
I feel like Ive drowned, gonna head uptown
Jimmy Buffet: A Pirate looks at Forty

In twenty-one days my odometer rolls over to the big 4-o. I've been sitting around, trying to thing what my mid-life crisis should be. Red convertible? Nah, I am like a fork in the microwave with it comes to being in the sun, so I probably should stick to a hardtop. A trophy wife? No way. I could go for a hair piece, but I still have all my hair. And it is still muddy blond, or whatever my hair color is. So no hair-dye. I'm having a mid-life crisis crisis.

Actually, I had my crisis eight years ago. When it came to making me face my mortality, cancer beat 4o to the punch. So making 40 is more a relief. A celebration. I think of it as half-time. I had a good first half, I scored some points, but I am going to win the championship in the second half. It's time to do something amazing.

So for the next three weeks, I am going to figure out what that amazing thing is. And I am going to do it in record speed.

I'm excited about the next 40 years. They will be my best yet.


E-mails I have received so far this morning...

Mr. Ramsey,

The cartoon of December 1, 2007 is off base and unfair. I like Jeff Bower and was sadden, but not suicidal about his departure. Jeff has done a good job for USM, but the last few years have demonstrated a downward trend from his hay day. There are two kinds of coaches those that have moved on and those that will, even Ole JoPa at Penn State will move on one day. But USM did not crap on Jeff. We gave Jeff seventeen years. He gave us seventeen years. He could have moved on anytime he wished, we could have released him any time we wanted. But he is gone. Right or wrong will be determined in the next few seasons. BUT WE DID NOT CRAP ON HIM. As they say in the Godfather, "nothing personal just business." And even at USM sports are just business.

Marshall, if a picture is worth a thousand words, today's cartoon is worth a million. As a USM alum, I am embarrassed by the shoddy and callous treatment of the most loyal and one of the best college football coaches in America. Richard Giannini better hire a magician or his only legacy at USM will be as the AD who fired Jeff Bower. Thanks for expressing the feelings of many Golden Eagle fans as only you can.

Morning update

I will get back with the regular Morning Blog News Update probably tomorrow. Sitting at the computer for long periods of time doesn't make me fell well -- so I have shirked my blog duties over the last few days. Last night, I fell asleep on the couch at 6 and I woke up this morning at 7. That is the longest I have slept at one time in nearly 20 years.

But enough about me. Here are a few stories that caught my eye:

Relocations on Lake Harbour Drive. We used to live off of it in an apartment when it was all woods. Now they are five-laning it. How times have changed. There will be homeowners who will lose their homes because of it.

Three are being held in the Redskins player Sean Taylor's death. It was a burgulary gone bad.

Whatta punk: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez threatens U.S. oil if we question the vote in his bid to change the Venezuelan Constitution and end term limits.

The hostage standoff at Hillary Clinton's campaign office.

Today will be sunny and 70. Fall? More like spring. There will be a 50% of rain tomorrow and a high of 77.

Saturday Free-For-All

It's the weekend...What's going on?

Saturday's cartoon

Friday, November 30, 2007

Evel Knievel makes his final jump

Evel (I have his action figure in my parent's basement) Knievel has died at the age of 69. I hope it was an easier jump than the Snake River Canyon one.

Countertops are in

All we lack now is the tile backsplash. That's next on the agenda. But the counters looks great (I will post a picture as soon as I can find my photo cable).

I did a masterful job directing from the couch. Now, thankfully, my neighbor is going to reconnect my plumbing.

I have the best neighbors ever.

Friday Free-For-All

Since I am pretty much useless right now, keep everyone informed with what is going on in your life and beyond.

Morning Update

I am directing the installation of the new countertops from the couch. Afterwards, I plan on a nap and then will blog a lot today. I plan on an afternoon news update.

Thanks for your patience. I overextended myself yesterday and am feeling it this morning.

Friday's cartoon

Thursday, November 29, 2007

What's next?

Thanks for hanging with me today. I pushed myself too much -- but I went ahead and did a new cartoon for tomorrow because of the latest Dickie Scruggs news. I have a feeling that I can use anyone one of the five ideas I did today.

What the heck is going to happen tomorrow? Is Haley going to come out and say he is retiring to dance on Broadway?

Well, it's off to the couch. A couple of Aleve (no more prescription painkillers for me, thank you.) and a remote control and I will be happy as a clam.


Think of Mississippi Politics like a big ol' bloody game of Chess. There are the Business folks (Republicans) and the Trial Lawyers (Democrats) and they are playing to the death. Haley is King on one side and Dickie is king on the other. And his butt is currently in check. Will it be checkmate? I don't know -- unlike some, I am not ready to fry him. But if he did indeed do what he is accused of he should be punished for being stupid alone. Bribing a judge? It's a move an amateur would make -- or someone who's incredibly overconfident. Or is he completely innocent? We'll know for sure once the Mississippi trial of the Century kicks off: The power of the Government against the power of one of the richest lawyers ever. And like in Chess, every piece on the Trial Lawyer's side of the board will sacrifice itself to save the King.
Prayers go out to the friends and family of missing Jackson State student Latasha Norman.

Scott Adams on why he is cutting back on blogging

I thought was interesting. Scott Adams of Dilbert fame, does a very good blog -- but he is going to cut back on it because he say is is costing him money. Here's a quote from his post:

I hoped that people who loved the blog would spill over to people who read Dilbert, and make my flagship product stronger. Instead, I found that if I wrote nine highly popular posts, and one that a reader disagreed with, the reaction was inevitably “I can never read Dilbert again because of what you wrote in that one post.” Every blog post reduced my income, even if 90% of the readers loved it. And a startling number of readers couldn’t tell when I was serious or kidding, so most of the negative reactions were based on misperceptions.

Read all of it here.

Mississippi Trivia

67. Leontyne Price, of Laurel was the first African-American to achieve international stardom in the field of opera. Ms. Price was with the New York Metropolitan Opera and gave her last performance on January 3, 1985, in the role of Aida.


Thursday Free-for-All

What's up? I'm not for long.

Weather forecast

Sunny, fall-like, with a high of 62. If you wear a sweater, you will sweat like a 13-year-old at a school dance. Rain chances go up later in the week.

Question of the day

Do you think there is something to Dickie Scruggs' indictment or is he a target of a Republican Justice Department witch hunt?

Morning Update

This is going to be short. My head is foggier than London and I am swimming in a sea of discomfort. But I thought I'd update a few things.

1. I survived. Four of my five senses were assaulted and my dignity died on the table, but I survived.

2. Why anyone (Rush Limbaugh, Matthew Perry) would get addicted to pain pills is beyond me. I do not crave walking through life wanting to barf.

3. And yes, I see that Dickie has been indicted. If I can cut through the mental daze I am in, I will do a cartoon on it. I have already received excited e-mails from some of my Republican friends. I guess they should be excited. It will cut off their opposition's #1 source of cash. Is it a political witch hunt or is Dickie really an idiot? If he did indeed do what he is accused of, he's not very smart. I have some digging to do today. When I wake up. I'm headed to the couch.

Thursday's cartoon

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I am pleased to announce...

No syndicated cartoons while I am recovering. In fact, I think I ended up drawing one too many.

Just thought you would like to know.

Time to take a three-second break

How many of you are finished with your Christmas shopping?

Your choice

I can blog lots and lots today, but you will get syndicated cartoons for the next four days. Or I can draw like my butt's on fire so I can get out of the office by 1:30 to go get chopped on and leave you some cartoons. It's up to you -- I am aiming toward cartoons. If you disagree, let me know.

I will be spending a couple of days recovering from the latest addition to my collection of scars.

Mi$$i$$ippi Trivia

100. Oliver Pollock was the largest individual financial contributor to the American War of Independence, and is buried near Pinckneyville. He is best known, however, as the man who invented the dollar ($) sign.


Wednesday free-for-all

Anything going on?

Question of the day

Was Houston Nutt the best choice for the Ole Miss job?

Morning Blog News Update: Who'd have thunk it edition

Good morning. Frank Melton has quit, Leslie McLemore has been named as interim Mayor. Haley Barbour has been picked as Vice Presidential Candidate for Rudy Giuliani, Phil Bryant will be temporary Governor until a special election can be held. Sylvester Croom has been named as the new Arkansas Coach. Jeff Bower is being interviewed to replace him. Dick Cheney will quit and be replaced by Senator Mitch McConnell. Rush Limbaugh is retiring to become a professional golfer. Reruns from his early shows will be played in his timeslot.

None of that is true -- but considering how weird the last week has been been, why not? Hell, at this point I will believe anything.

There is a 100% chance of a sunset tonight. Otherwise, sun and a spring-like high of 68.

Dancing with the Stars winner is:
Race car driver Helio Castroneves. Although former Spice Girl Melanie Brown was the more polished dancer (what the story said, heck if I would know), Castroneves won over the audience with his.... oh whatever. He won. The Supreme Court will review the voting. I'm sure Florida screwed it up somehow.

Expensive Nutt job
The price of Ole Miss' new head football coach? $7.4 million over four years. As Pete Boone says: "That may be heavy on some ends, but the price of poker has gone up. They're high, but reasonable numbers with the market as it is." Southeastern Conference coaches average around $2 mill. First-year Alabama coach Nick Saban makes $4 million per year - the highest in the country. No-longer Coach "O" made about $900,000 a year. Mississippi State coach Sylvester Croom makes about $975,000.

Scruggs Law Firm searched by the FBI
No, not for information in Scruggs' involvement in the Ole Miss coaching decisions. They were searching for a single document that "might be ancillary to something pertaining to Katrina litigation" but is not directly involved in any of those cases, according to Joey Langston who is representing the firm. From the story: Langston said that "the search warrant was issued from the northern Mississippi district of U.S. District Court and doesn't appear to be linked to criminal contempt allegations Scruggs and his firm already face in Alabama. Maybe it is about football.

Yes, former Jackson Mayor Harvey Johnson, Jr. is considering running for Trent's seat. Hooray! Sorry, that's the cartoonist in me. Other wonderful names floating out there: Musgrove! Mike Moore! Mike Espy! I can already draw all of them! Hooray! And, please hold your excitement, Erik Fleming is thinking about running again. (crickets chirping)

CNN/YouTube GOP Presidential debate
Yes, the GOP candidates for President will be facing the snowman from YouTube. This should be interesting. Not. Tune in tonight on CNN. I may take a few painkillers and watch Rudy Giuliani's teeth grow and then slide off the screen like a Dali painting.

Wednesday's cartoon

The call from the Democratic HQ, "Save us Mikey, you're our only hope."

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Emeril Live! has been cancelled. It will cease production on Dec. 11. The Food Network will continue producing Emeril's "The Essence of Emeril," and he'll "take part in "specials and other development opportunities in the future," Welch said," but the daily show will go away after ten years.

Pallbearers will pour Gatorade cooler over his casket

Dr. Robert Cade, who invented Gatorade, died Tuesday of kidney failure. He was 80.

Sports vs. Politics

I just ran into Kyle Veazey and Rick Cleveland -- seeing them in the office at the same time is like seeing Elvis doing shots with Big Foot. It's pretty darn rare. I was talking to them about the sports news and congratulating them for some massive blog hit numbers. Rick had this blog post on Monday, asking the question on what would get more hits: The coach firings or Trent Lott resignation? Wanna know the answer?

It's about five to one coaches.

A piece of tomorrow's cartoon

In light of the events of the past week...

This looks really bad. I found this on my desk when I was cleaning it off. It is from November 1, 2007. How things can change so very quickly in the world of big-time athletics.

You have to be kidding me

Lott rendevous denied by male escort. I can't make this crap up.


I want to spend time with my family. (origin: Corporate America, Big-Time Athletics). 1. "I am about to get my butt fired and had a choice between resigning or being publicly fired on national television with my kids watching who would cry and be scarred for life knowing their old man is a complete loser. Hari Kari was also an option." or 2. " I have a much better job lined up, but don't want you to know that that I am selling out my present job just for more fame, power, money or all of the above."

Editor's note: There are rare times when people actually realize their family actually is the most important thing in their lives. But this phase seldom is used in those moments.

Ole Miss expected to hire a Nutt

Houston Nutt, that is (and no Coach O jokes, I promise). They hired him faster than you can say, "Orgeron, you're fired."

Sometimes you feel like a Nutt. Sometimes you don't. The Rebs have Nutt. The Razorbacks don't.


I just watched a dude blow all the leaves from the sidewalk into the street. He left and cars have blown them back onto the sidewalk.

A perfect analogy for my job.

McMillin chosen for U.S. Senate seat

Jackson -- In a surprise move this morning, Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour has appointed Hinds County Sheriff and Jackson Police Chief Malcolm McMillin to fill the seat of retiring Senator Trent Lott.

"Sure, he's a Democrat and sure, it will mess with the balance of the Senate-- but Mac's a can-do kind of guy. Anyone who can be Sheriff, Police Chief, head football coach for Ole Miss and Southern Miss at the same time can handle the workload of the U.S. Senate," Barbour said in the inpromtu press conference at Shoney's.

"I was initially amazed at McMillin's work ethic -- especially coaching two football teams," the Governor continued, "until I remembered that Southern Miss's games are never played on Saturday. They are usually on whenever there is an open slot on ESPN 4. Tuesday at 3 a.m., Sunday at 11:45 p.m. Gotta love Conference USA."

"Well Gosh darn," said former Congressman and presumed choice Chip Pickering replied when contacted by phone. "Oh fudge -- this isn't fair."

Religious leader Reverend Donald Wildmon has already called for an investigation." This is proof there is illegal cloning going on in South Korea. There is no way one human being can do all these jobs. Send money so we can fight to stop this Godlessness."

Lott himself chuckled when he heard the news. "He's no Strom Thurmond, but what do I care? It's time for me to do a little lobbyin', a little lawyerin' and a lot of moneymakin'. Hoddy Toddy."

Former Attorney General Mike Moore was unavailable for comment but a muffled scream was heard from his house when the news was slipped under his door.

Back at Shoneys, McMillin made a brief statement at the all-you-can-eat bar. "I'm flattered. Now, do you want that last sausage link?"

Updates when they are made available.

Mississippi Trivia

59. On May 11, 1887, a most unexpected object fell from the sky during a severe hail storm near Bovina. The unusual object proved to be a 6-inch by 8-inch gopher turtle completely encased in ice.


Question of the day

Who would you like to see replace the Trentster? (Sen. Lott)

Tuesday Free-For-All

Some many people were quitting or getting canned yesterday, I was almost afraid to raise my head.

What is going on?

Trent Lott cartoon gallery

In case you missed it.

Morning Blog News Update: Day after massacre edition

Unemployment in Mississippi has soared in Mississippi by three in the past few days. There's a real crisis out there folks. I am about ready to record a charity single to benefit these poor guys :

"We are the World...we are Mississippi.
We are the ones who'll make a better life for those whose jobs went missing.
There's a choice schools are making; to fire their own kind,
and Trent Lott is stepping down to make a better living."

... What? They get nice retirements/buyouts? What? They will end up getting new jobs that pay more than I will make in 20 years? Hang on, I need to call Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson and cancel the record session.

Clearing and 61.

Trent Lott
Who will succeed him? Mississippi has had only four Senators in nearly 3/4 of a century. This is a job opening that doesn't come open often. For the record, I am not running. I want to spend more time with my family.
Trent on the National scene: the Good, the bad and the ugly.
Trent Lott slideshow: 15 of my favorite cartoons.

Coach O and Bower
One I get, one I don't. Dissenting Southern Miss fans feel like the program was stuck. That someone needs to bring it to the next level. And that Bower was let go to unite a divided fan base. I heard the same things about Cutcliffe -- Ole Miss was taken to the next level, alright. Morale: Be careful what you wish for. Truth: I wish Bower well. And I hope Southern can attract someone who doesn't mind being fired for winning.
Houston Nutt is now at the top of the Ole Miss wish list. He was offered $2.4 to stay at Arkansas so Ole Miss would have to squeeze Dickie Scruggs pretty hard to get that kind of cash.

Foodserver set to close in Jackson
U.S. Foodservice is about to close North Star distribution after losing the contract with Sonic Drive-ins. 180 will be put out of work. No Coach-like buyouts or Senator-like retirements are coming their way.

You're getting nuthin' for Christmas...
The Jackson Council couldn't pass payroll because of a spat over giving raises to Frank's bodyguard promotions. City workers may not get checks. The vote was 3-3. Councilman Stokes didn't attend (once again). Maybe he shouldn't get a check either.

Redskins player shot and killed in his Miami home
Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor is dead. From the story: Family friend Richard Sharpstein said Taylor's girlfriend told him the couple was awakened by loud noises, and Taylor grabbed a machete he keeps in the bedroom for protection. Someone then broke through the bedroom door and fired two shots, one missing and one hitting Taylor, Sharpstein said. Taylor's 1-year-old daughter, Jackie, was also in the house at the time, but neither she nor Taylor's girlfriend were injured.

Hulk slammed; wife Linda wants a divorce
Hulk Hogan might lose the costliest match of his life -- to his wife. Linda wants property. Lots of property. And alimony. And child support. I can't wait to watch the next season of their reality show, Hogan Knows Best. Apparently he didn't.

Tuesday's cartoon

Monday, November 26, 2007

Quiet Riot singer found dead

A moment of silence for the man who brought us "Cum on Feel the Noize."

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Kevin DuBrow, lead singer of the popular U.S. 1980s heavy metal band Quiet Riot, has been found dead from unknown causes at his home in Las Vegas, authorities said on Monday.

Read the rest here.

Come on, feel the noise
Girls rock your boys
We'll get wild, wild, wild,
wild, wild, wild

A piece of my teenage years has just died, too.

Trent Lott cartoon gallery

Here you go.

Bloggerman waves at the monkey in the zoo

Thank you for using all five fingers.

Trent Lott cartoons

I pulled 15 of my favorite Trent Lott cartoons from the past few years. It will be on the main site soon and I will put a link up when it does appear. Thank Harold Gater for making it so.

Eagles: Long Road Out of Eden

I was a big Eagles fan back in the day (I love being old enough to say crap like that). I particularly liked the band after Joe Walsh joined them -- Hotel California and Long Run are two of my all time favorite albums. But then they broke up -- only to come back together to rake in quarter of a billion bucks on their Hell Freezes Over tour (after a remark made about when they would get back together.)

But lo and behold, a trip to Walmart revealed they had a new album. Twenty songs for $11.88 -- talk about a price cut. Long Road Out of Eden.

So I bought it. It is another Hotel California or Long Run? No. But what it is is a collection of songs that have the trademark Eagles sound. While I'm not crazy about all of the songs (pick up the pace some, guys -- let Walsh cut loose), the CD is growing on me. Their voices sound great and their opening single "How Long" sounds like it would be home on their first collection of greatest hits (it's in fact an older song that they have played in concerts that was written by former member J.D. Souther). The album is doing quite well, btw. It has already hit #1 on the album charts.

Here's their website for you to find out more about the album.

Coaches are dropping like flies

Also Houston Nutt is fired at Arkansas (according to, along with Chan Galey of GA Tech.

Texas A&M hired former Packer Coach Mike Sherman.

Where I am thinking of going tomorrow

It's a couple of football players looking at new Ole Miss Coach Trent Lott. The text isn't final, but close.

Jobs Trent Lott won't be taking

Curator at the Strom Thurmond museum and restaurant.
President of the Hair Club for Men.
State Farm Agent
Southern Miss Football Coach
Backup Singer for former Singing Senator Larry Craig
Greeter at Wal Mart
Goat rancher with an electrified Goat fence
President of the George W. Bush fanclub.
Runner for his brother-in-law's law firm.
Police chief in Jackson


I have a great photo of Bloggerman waving outside of my window, but I forgot my camera cable. I will post it when I can connect to the computer.

He was walking to his ride after being on official Bloggerman business.

Gut feeling

My guess is that Chip Pickering will be appointed to fill Trent's seat. Nothing to back it up, just a gut feeling (and listening to office gossip). Why do I think it?

1. He has been Trent's understudy (I've joked Trent is his second of "My two daddies.")
2. He quits with no real job lined up. Spending time with your family is wonderful -- I did it for a week in a minivan -- but bills have to be paid, too.
3. Barbour really can't appoint himself. If Trent had hung on a couple more years, I would have said that was the scenario.

That's conventional wisdom at this point. But the last week has proven that conventional wisdom doesn't mean squat. I would have never guessed McMillin would be Jackson Police Chief or that Jeff Bower would have been run off.

Boil water alert for Hattiesburg

There is a boil-water alert for Hattiesburg. Apparently there is something in the water that makes you make really stupid decisions -- like firing a winning football coach.

Weirdness continues

Southern Coach Jeff Bower has been fired. After 14 consecutive winning seasons...

Trent Lott's replacement just named

Sheriff McMillin. He will be Senator, Sheriff and Jackson Police Chief. Rumor is is that he will also be Ole Miss Football coach.


This week's schedule

I will be out of the office on Thursday and Friday (I know you are thinking, "When does he work?") This time it's not for pleasure; it's for surgery. Thankfully, it is not cancer-related -- but it will involve enough discomfort that I won't feel like sitting at my desk. I plan on lying on my back for two days.

So I will be pushing it all week to leave enough cartoons behind. No more syndicated cartoons. I promise.

Trent Lott resigns; to become next Ole Miss Football coach

I am kidding about the second part. But Lott really has resigned. From the story:

No reason for Lott's resignation was given, but according to a congressional official, there is nothing amiss with Lott's health. The senator has "other opportunities" he plans to pursue, the official said, without elaborating.

To me, other opportunities has to mean he will be the next Ole Miss head football coach. He knows how to runs right and and already wears a helmet.

Question of the day

Who do you think Ole Miss will get as a head coach?

Cyber Monday Free-for-all

What's up? How's work today?

Mississippi Trivia

76. The DEVILS PUNCHBOWL, located near Natchez, is one of nature's freak occurrences. It is a gigantic, semi-circular pit, somewhat cone-shaped. Connected with this uncanny spot are countless stories of river pirates, runaway slaves, buried treasures, and other involvements with adventure and romance.


Morning Blog News Update: Cyber Monday edition

Good morning! I am officially back today, going into the office for the first time in 12 days. And for the record, I missed it. Sometimes it takes a few days off to make you realize how much you love your job. (Yes. I know I am crazy. )

After a good soaking yesterday, we will be starting to dry out today. Expect scattered mist until late afternoon with a high in the 50's. Next chance of rain comes later in the week.

State troopers busy, busy, busy
Over 12,000 tickets were issued over the Thanksgiving holiday by the Mississippi Highway Patrol. Thankfully, I did not get one.

Search for missing JSU student hits the Web, continues
The search for missing Jackson State University student Latasha Norman has turned to Facebook (if you don't know what Facebook is ). Over 1,200 people from around the country have joined the Facebook group, "Help Find Missing Jackson State University Student Latasha Norman."

Cyber Monday
I know what you will be doing today besides reading my blog -- you will be shopping! Today is CyberMonday, the start of the online Holiday shopping season (and when most people return to their work computers.) Because you know, the only time we have time to do anything is at work. From the story: Internet research firm comScore Inc. estimated online sales may exceed $700 million online on Monday. I will post my Christmas list if you are having trouble figuring out what to buy me. Just remember, I have been good this year.

Bush lends clout to Mideast Peace Talks
He still has any? From the story: WASHINGTON - President Bush will lend his clout Monday to help broker an elusive agreement between Israel and the Palestinians on the contours of long-stalled peace talks the two sides expect to relaunch this week at a high-stakes international conference.

Weekend Boxoffice
From Enchanted #1, This Christmas #2 and Beowolf #3.

NFL Scores
I watched the Denver/Chicago game -- Chicago had an awesome comeback. Bears 34-31 in OT I was pulling for Philly, but I see they did not pull it out against New England. Pats won 31-28. Eli Manning had a cruddy day and the Giants got slayed by Vikings 41-17. And of course, the Saints won big 31-6 over Carolina. Click here for all the scores and stats.

Coach O and 8 still fired.
Pete Boone is getting assistance contacting candidates. My first thought was Dickie Scruggs was calling them. But Boone is getting a headhunter.

Croom: Bowl game will be fun
"This is one area I always differ with my former head coach in college (Bear Bryant)," Croom said. "The four bowl games I went to in college were miserable. We're going to make this one fun for our players." "We'll get all our work done here before we leave to go to a bowl game," Croom said. "Everything will be prepared and done. The bulk of the work will be done here and then when we get to the bowl game most of our practices will be like our Wednesday and Thursday practices." I hope they have a blast. They earned it.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

C-L card

I have spent most of the afternoon working on a Holiday card for The Clarion-Ledger. It's the one that will go out to our customers. I'm about to scan it now and color it electronically. That should take about 45 minutes to an hour and then I am free for the evening.

As soon as it is blessed, I will post the artwork here.

The cat who loved Christmas

Sam the Kitty loves the Christmas tree. He plopped his fat bottom down in front of it and has been sleeping peacefully there ever since.

The question is...

Will I remember how to draw a cartoon tomorrow?

Am still trying to digest this...

Malcolm McMillan is both Sheriff and Police Chief.

C'mon, someone jump out and yell April Fool's. I'm waiting. Anyone? Hello?

Just as long as Doug Anderson isn't both head of the Hinds Supervisors and Mayor of Jackson.

Congrats Saints

I only watched part of it because I was putting up Christmas decorations, but the score says it all 31-6. Each time I would walk into the room, the score would grow more and more lopsided. That moves the Saints ahead of Carolina in to second place in their division.

The only problem with eating Thanksgiving dinner 400 miles away...

The only problem with eating Thanksgiving dinner 400 miles away is that the leftovers are 400 miles away, too.

Turkey lunchmeat ain't cutting it.

Weekend free-for-all

Anything you'd like to say before we head back to work?

Mississippi Trivia

69. The University of Southern Mississippi, in Hattiesburg, houses the de Grummond Exhibit, which is the World's largest collection of original manuscripts and illustrations of children's literature.


Question of the day

Should Coach O have been fired?

Morning Blogs News Update: Sunday edition

Good morning. California is on fire again and Mississippi is all over the emotional map. State fans are bouncing off the ceiling and Ole Miss fans are sifting through the rubble of their season (and program). Coach O will be a lot of money not to coach this Christmas. Ole Miss fans will be getting coal. And Coach Croom is finally feeling a little relief from the boo-birds who wanted his scalp. Southern Miss is going to yet another bowl (congrats) and Frank is on the verge of naming Sheriff McMillan the Ole Miss Coach. And I am about to put up Christmas decorations. No comment on how excited I am about making trips into the attic. At least I am happier than Kentucky today.

Today will be a gray. Damp. And cool. Expect about a 90% of rain today with a high in the lower 60s. At least the deer will be running. Maybe I can get a trophy with my car.

Putting some bite into animal laws
Allen Kelly, who lives near Byram, has become a vocal advocate for strengthening laws on vicious animals. He has a good reason; he was a human chew toy for a couple of pit bulls. "Older people and younger people are very vulnerable to those vicious dogs," he said. He's gotten Hinds County to tighten their laws now he is taking his fight to the Legislature. I was attacked by a Boxer once -- I hope he succeeds.

Strong start to Christmas shopping season
Even though there are economic clouds on the horizon, consumers came out of the gate strong on Black Friday. From the story: According to ShopperTrak RCT Corp., which tracks sales at more than 50,000 retail outlets, total sales rose 8.3 percent to about $10.3 billion on Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, compared with $9.5 billion on the same day a year ago. This is in spite of the on-going credit crunch and higher energy costs.

Movie we might see this weekend
Enchanted: It's the story of a Disney princess thrust into the real world. It has been getting good reviews and looks like a nice, light break to putting up Christmas decorations.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Holy cow

Tennessee is going to the SEC championship. Mrs. R., a Georgia grad is none to pleased.

I am trying to get my heart out of my throat. What an exciting ending. This UT team has fought back over and over to get to this point.


Places that should not have free WI-FI

Airport bathrooms
Honeymoon suites
Movie theater
Funeral parlor

Coach O and 8 fired

Coach O may have decided not to punt, but Ole Miss just did. After going 0 and 8 in the SEC this year and blowing a 14-point lead in the Egg Bowl, Ole Miss has just fired Coach Ed Orgeron.

Send resumes to Pete Boone if you are interested in the job.

Morning Blog News Update: Lite edition

I've forgotten how to do this, so I am going to do a Morning Blog News light to get me back into the swing of things.

A drought buster?
There's a wad of rain (that really doesn't sound good, does it) heading up from Texas. We can use it. Expect rain and cool weather with highs in the 40s.

Egg Bowl
Props to State for an amazing come-from-behind victory. I don't really have a dog in this hunt (no pun intended) but Coach O for 8's mid-field 4th down gamble when Ole Miss was up by two touchdowns was the dumbest call I can recall ever seeing. I haven't heard it yet, but I know someone will blame David Cutcliffe for the call. Rick Cleveland is right -- it is Christmas come early for State fans -- and especially for Sylvester Croom. He's living proof that if you want to be loved, win. And note to you Bowl reps out there, you can't go wrong picking Mississippi State. The fans are so engergized that they will not only show up at your bowl, they would walk on their hands to get there.

Bush loses major ally in Australia
Australian Prime Minister John Howard has lost in a humiliating defeat to Labor leader Kevin Rudd. Rudd has promised to immediately sign the Kyoto treaty and withdraw Australia's 550 combat troops from Iraq. Howard was Australia's second-longest serving leader.

The SEC is whacked, #1 LSU gets whacked.
Arkansas beat LSU yesterday in a barn-burner, triple overtime 50-48 win and thus completely screwed up the National Championship picture.