Monday, November 26, 2007

Eagles: Long Road Out of Eden

I was a big Eagles fan back in the day (I love being old enough to say crap like that). I particularly liked the band after Joe Walsh joined them -- Hotel California and Long Run are two of my all time favorite albums. But then they broke up -- only to come back together to rake in quarter of a billion bucks on their Hell Freezes Over tour (after a remark made about when they would get back together.)

But lo and behold, a trip to Walmart revealed they had a new album. Twenty songs for $11.88 -- talk about a price cut. Long Road Out of Eden.

So I bought it. It is another Hotel California or Long Run? No. But what it is is a collection of songs that have the trademark Eagles sound. While I'm not crazy about all of the songs (pick up the pace some, guys -- let Walsh cut loose), the CD is growing on me. Their voices sound great and their opening single "How Long" sounds like it would be home on their first collection of greatest hits (it's in fact an older song that they have played in concerts that was written by former member J.D. Souther). The album is doing quite well, btw. It has already hit #1 on the album charts.

Here's their website for you to find out more about the album.


Forcedtoretirelegaleagle said...

They were on the Sunday morning show on WJTV yesterday talking about their new album and the breakup of the band, etc. They said they can only sound like they do when they are with the other Eagles, that on their own, they don't sound the same as when they are harmonizing as a group.

The Eagles Greatest Hits was released before their biggest hits even came out. They had a lot of number 1 hits after that. Of course, the Eagles, is my favorite band!

barqsnut said...

The album does grow on you, even the "political" songs. I never judge an album until I've listened to it alone, on a road trip, cranked up (I just happened to be finishing up Steinbeck's "East of Eden" when the album was released). This one, even though not even close to "The Long Run", has passed the muster. However, the "Across The Universe" soundtrack is going to have a hard road convincing me it is worth keeping. Another joy of having a teenage son that loves music is that I get to review this stuff on grandma's dime.