Monday, November 26, 2007

Morning Blog News Update: Cyber Monday edition

Good morning! I am officially back today, going into the office for the first time in 12 days. And for the record, I missed it. Sometimes it takes a few days off to make you realize how much you love your job. (Yes. I know I am crazy. )

After a good soaking yesterday, we will be starting to dry out today. Expect scattered mist until late afternoon with a high in the 50's. Next chance of rain comes later in the week.

State troopers busy, busy, busy
Over 12,000 tickets were issued over the Thanksgiving holiday by the Mississippi Highway Patrol. Thankfully, I did not get one.

Search for missing JSU student hits the Web, continues
The search for missing Jackson State University student Latasha Norman has turned to Facebook (if you don't know what Facebook is ). Over 1,200 people from around the country have joined the Facebook group, "Help Find Missing Jackson State University Student Latasha Norman."

Cyber Monday
I know what you will be doing today besides reading my blog -- you will be shopping! Today is CyberMonday, the start of the online Holiday shopping season (and when most people return to their work computers.) Because you know, the only time we have time to do anything is at work. From the story: Internet research firm comScore Inc. estimated online sales may exceed $700 million online on Monday. I will post my Christmas list if you are having trouble figuring out what to buy me. Just remember, I have been good this year.

Bush lends clout to Mideast Peace Talks
He still has any? From the story: WASHINGTON - President Bush will lend his clout Monday to help broker an elusive agreement between Israel and the Palestinians on the contours of long-stalled peace talks the two sides expect to relaunch this week at a high-stakes international conference.

Weekend Boxoffice
From Enchanted #1, This Christmas #2 and Beowolf #3.

NFL Scores
I watched the Denver/Chicago game -- Chicago had an awesome comeback. Bears 34-31 in OT I was pulling for Philly, but I see they did not pull it out against New England. Pats won 31-28. Eli Manning had a cruddy day and the Giants got slayed by Vikings 41-17. And of course, the Saints won big 31-6 over Carolina. Click here for all the scores and stats.

Coach O and 8 still fired.
Pete Boone is getting assistance contacting candidates. My first thought was Dickie Scruggs was calling them. But Boone is getting a headhunter.

Croom: Bowl game will be fun
"This is one area I always differ with my former head coach in college (Bear Bryant)," Croom said. "The four bowl games I went to in college were miserable. We're going to make this one fun for our players." "We'll get all our work done here before we leave to go to a bowl game," Croom said. "Everything will be prepared and done. The bulk of the work will be done here and then when we get to the bowl game most of our practices will be like our Wednesday and Thursday practices." I hope they have a blast. They earned it.


Susan said...

Clearly you're still fuzzy from vacation. HOW did you miss the story about satsumas making a comeback??? It even made the local morning news ticker!

Katherine said...

Just ordered a bunch of stuff from Land's End (Overstocks, of course). Gotta love free shipping! :)

Might buy a few more things online before the day is over, too. I love shopping online. :)

Forcedtoretirelegaleagle said...

I'm going online to pay utility bills and glad to be able to do that.

Latasha Norman's dad is upset that her car was never processed before the police had him move it off campus in case someone came back for it. I certainly don't blame him; it took the F.B.I. long enough to get involved. I so hope that she turns up unhurt and ok, but as the days stretch on, it's not looking too good. I will keep her family in my prayers and hope for the best.