Monday, November 26, 2007

Jobs Trent Lott won't be taking

Curator at the Strom Thurmond museum and restaurant.
President of the Hair Club for Men.
State Farm Agent
Southern Miss Football Coach
Backup Singer for former Singing Senator Larry Craig
Greeter at Wal Mart
Goat rancher with an electrified Goat fence
President of the George W. Bush fanclub.
Runner for his brother-in-law's law firm.
Police chief in Jackson


Susan said...

I like the idea of him running for Mayor. Now THERE'S a job where he could stir up some controversy.

mayberry said...
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Forcedtoretirelegaleagle said...

Lead singer of the Bathroom Barristers!

Watercolor said...

" you want fries with that?"

Sandi said...

I'm sure he'll be right at home at a cush lobbying gig. Call it a hunch.

Sandi said...

Ohhh...maybe it's worse than we think: