Thursday, November 29, 2007


Think of Mississippi Politics like a big ol' bloody game of Chess. There are the Business folks (Republicans) and the Trial Lawyers (Democrats) and they are playing to the death. Haley is King on one side and Dickie is king on the other. And his butt is currently in check. Will it be checkmate? I don't know -- unlike some, I am not ready to fry him. But if he did indeed do what he is accused of he should be punished for being stupid alone. Bribing a judge? It's a move an amateur would make -- or someone who's incredibly overconfident. Or is he completely innocent? We'll know for sure once the Mississippi trial of the Century kicks off: The power of the Government against the power of one of the richest lawyers ever. And like in Chess, every piece on the Trial Lawyer's side of the board will sacrifice itself to save the King.


Forcedtoretirelegaleagle said...

What a thankless job and sacrifice!

B Squared said...

quite often the best way out of a check situation is to put the other sides King also in jeopardy, move once to get out of check and then be aggressive as hell towards his King to make them back off (or kill off the pawns as you alluded to in your post)