Tuesday, November 27, 2007

You have to be kidding me

Lott rendevous denied by male escort. I can't make this crap up.


The Topiary Cow said...

"putting to bed the rumor"


Shane said...

And I absolutely had nothing to do with pillowgate or the hiring of Houston Nutt.

The Huffington Post is a left wing blog. Not that there's anything wrong with that. But its their job to sling FUD about all things conservative.

The Zero Gravity Janitor said...

ZGJ will attempt to "clean-up" this scurrilous rumor.

ZGJ didn't ever escort Mr. Lott. In fact, he doesn't dress well enough to be a male escort. Also, his hair looks funny.

AJ said...

That is just a mental image that I did not need. Where do these people get this stuff?

Left-n-76 said...

It was interesting, in today's editoral cartoon, that you did not show if one of the three was "tapping his foot"!

Forcedtoretirelegaleagle said...

As I've often said, truth is stranger than fiction.

And I wonder if Trent Lott and Dale Danks have the same hairdresser, uh hair sculpter and hairspray artist extraordinaire!

Marshall Ramsey said...

Hairstylist? It's fiberglass.

As for the rumors -- no widestance -- I am taking no stance. Of course, Larry Flynt is apparently on the case.

The whole thing = I don't really want to know.