Monday, November 26, 2007

Trent Lott resigns; to become next Ole Miss Football coach

I am kidding about the second part. But Lott really has resigned. From the story:

No reason for Lott's resignation was given, but according to a congressional official, there is nothing amiss with Lott's health. The senator has "other opportunities" he plans to pursue, the official said, without elaborating.

To me, other opportunities has to mean he will be the next Ole Miss head football coach. He knows how to runs right and and already wears a helmet.


Left-n-76 said...

Marshall, remember the one with "Devo" hat? You could letter Ole Miss on the hat!

Happy Monday to all!

Marshall Ramsey said...

He'd be perfect for football -- he knows how to run right and he is already wearing a helmet.

AJ said...

Trent Lott's hair hasn't moved since Truman.

That hair is stiffer than Ronald

Richard Schwartz is Trent Lott's love child.

Whatever is holding Lott's hair in place is the same material they make black boxes out of.

regina Butler said...

Maybe he wants to go into insurance?? hee hee

Forcedtoretirelegaleagle said...

For real, aj! You said it all. I bet that hairdo held up in the winds of Katrina and came out a lot better than his house did.