Thursday, November 29, 2007

Morning Update

This is going to be short. My head is foggier than London and I am swimming in a sea of discomfort. But I thought I'd update a few things.

1. I survived. Four of my five senses were assaulted and my dignity died on the table, but I survived.

2. Why anyone (Rush Limbaugh, Matthew Perry) would get addicted to pain pills is beyond me. I do not crave walking through life wanting to barf.

3. And yes, I see that Dickie has been indicted. If I can cut through the mental daze I am in, I will do a cartoon on it. I have already received excited e-mails from some of my Republican friends. I guess they should be excited. It will cut off their opposition's #1 source of cash. Is it a political witch hunt or is Dickie really an idiot? If he did indeed do what he is accused of, he's not very smart. I have some digging to do today. When I wake up. I'm headed to the couch.


Katherine said...

I'm impressed that you're up so early! :)

Marshall Ramsey said...

Life goes on at the Ramsey house.

Kay said...

Marshall, I hope you are doing okay.

I never understood tha pain med addiction. I don't like the drugged feelin, it is awful.

Dickie just might be an idiot.

If I were a judge, $50,000 would be an insult. I would want more to throw a case. Just kidding here.

If Dickie is guilty, he should be ashamed. It looks bad for him and the others .....its all about $$$$.

Forcedtoretirelegaleagle said...

It's always about money where lawyers are concerned.