Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Morning Blog News Update: Who'd have thunk it edition

Good morning. Frank Melton has quit, Leslie McLemore has been named as interim Mayor. Haley Barbour has been picked as Vice Presidential Candidate for Rudy Giuliani, Phil Bryant will be temporary Governor until a special election can be held. Sylvester Croom has been named as the new Arkansas Coach. Jeff Bower is being interviewed to replace him. Dick Cheney will quit and be replaced by Senator Mitch McConnell. Rush Limbaugh is retiring to become a professional golfer. Reruns from his early shows will be played in his timeslot.

None of that is true -- but considering how weird the last week has been been, why not? Hell, at this point I will believe anything.

There is a 100% chance of a sunset tonight. Otherwise, sun and a spring-like high of 68.

Dancing with the Stars winner is:
Race car driver Helio Castroneves. Although former Spice Girl Melanie Brown was the more polished dancer (what the story said, heck if I would know), Castroneves won over the audience with his.... oh whatever. He won. The Supreme Court will review the voting. I'm sure Florida screwed it up somehow.

Expensive Nutt job
The price of Ole Miss' new head football coach? $7.4 million over four years. As Pete Boone says: "That may be heavy on some ends, but the price of poker has gone up. They're high, but reasonable numbers with the market as it is." Southeastern Conference coaches average around $2 mill. First-year Alabama coach Nick Saban makes $4 million per year - the highest in the country. No-longer Coach "O" made about $900,000 a year. Mississippi State coach Sylvester Croom makes about $975,000.

Scruggs Law Firm searched by the FBI
No, not for information in Scruggs' involvement in the Ole Miss coaching decisions. They were searching for a single document that "might be ancillary to something pertaining to Katrina litigation" but is not directly involved in any of those cases, according to Joey Langston who is representing the firm. From the story: Langston said that "the search warrant was issued from the northern Mississippi district of U.S. District Court and doesn't appear to be linked to criminal contempt allegations Scruggs and his firm already face in Alabama. Maybe it is about football.

Yes, former Jackson Mayor Harvey Johnson, Jr. is considering running for Trent's seat. Hooray! Sorry, that's the cartoonist in me. Other wonderful names floating out there: Musgrove! Mike Moore! Mike Espy! I can already draw all of them! Hooray! And, please hold your excitement, Erik Fleming is thinking about running again. (crickets chirping)

CNN/YouTube GOP Presidential debate
Yes, the GOP candidates for President will be facing the snowman from YouTube. This should be interesting. Not. Tune in tonight on CNN. I may take a few painkillers and watch Rudy Giuliani's teeth grow and then slide off the screen like a Dali painting.


Jennifer said...

There is going to be about 50 people on the ballot for Lott's seat. Is everyone ready for the campaign commercials?

Marshall Ramsey said...

Bring 'em on. I always need material.

mayberry said...

Those YouTube debates are about the dumbest things I've ever seen in my life.

Forcedtoretirelegaleagle said...

As long as Kenneth Stokes isn't going to be interim Mayor, it's cool!

Watercolor said...

Harvey? oy vay.