Thursday, December 6, 2007

Check out the new blog

Here you go.


Katherine said...

I was checking it out, leaving comments, getting a feel for the place, and it burped. Sam is the only entry now, and I was right in the middle of a comment when it crashed.
Sigh. Guess I just need to be patient. Well, little man is asking to "go outside pay snow!" again, so I think we'll do that, and I'll check back when we come back inside.

regina Butler said...

Oooohhh and we were going so well on the new site! Now got a red message WE ARE SORRY AN UNEXPECTED ERROR OCCURRED. At least Sexy Sam is still there.

LOL! And then the next message is "report abuse". How funny is that? report abuse of sam or the blogger? hee hee

unimp said...

going to take getting use to...ya trying to teach an old blogger a new trick

Supermom said...

I'm here...where nobody is anymore reminiscing about the good old days.....

sigh.... I miss Blogger.

The new site sucks.

Marshall Ramsey said...

It's depressing on this end, too.

Lara said...

Hi Marshall!

I was in a discussion board talking about editorial cartoonists and wanted to look you up to see how you're doing.

This is the (former) Lara Turner. Hope you remember all the good times at The Daily Beacon - and I still treasure your see-no-evil cartoon of the UT administration.

I'm out of journalism now - it's just too hard to run after police at all hours of the night whilst raising two children - but, someday, after they get bigger, I may look at going back. :)

Glad to see you're doing well.