Sunday, December 2, 2007

Give me Liberty or give me...

This is pretty old news by this time, but I thought I would give you a place to comment. State is officially headed to Memphis to play in the Liberty Bowl against Central Florida.

Memphians will have cowbells ringing in their ears for days afterwards.


Koby said...

And there will be probably 10,000 of those lovely bells in the stands that afternoon. Hopefully it'll be better than the last postseason trip to Memphis for our Dogs.

Marshall, what are your thoughts on the Vols dropping all the way to the Outback?

Katherine said...

I've got to go look at the bowl list.
We watched the BCS show at a friend's house tonight -- can't believe they took that long to tell who was playing in 5 games. When it was over we still had to flip to SportsCenter to see a list of the bowls so we could remember who was playing who and where they were playing.
What a waste of 30 minutes of my life!

unimp said...

I notices you must have cable to watch bowl games this year. All I have is an outside antenna.

There will be one CBS and two ABC games available. All others are FOX or ESPN.

Fox digital is available, but I am still analog.

Thank goodness I've got internet.

Marshall Ramsey said...

UT was two plays from the Sugar Bowl. As a fan, it's disappointing, but heck, there's not a darn thing I can do about it.

They did a good job gutting it out to get that far after a couple of miserable blowouts.

grammargirl said...

I was hoping this would be the year MSU played Florida State in a bowl. I have a good friend who's a fan of FSU and we figure this year was as good a chance as any for the two teams to meet. But I am happy they are going to any bowl game after the last seven years. GO DAWGS!

Forcedtoretirelegaleagle said...

I've never heard of Central Florida, but I guess I need to find out since my youngest now lives on the west coast of central Florida. But then I haven't really followed much football since everyone I knew who played football has since retired from the game.