Sunday, December 2, 2007

Mississippi Trivia

82. The Singing River, in Pascagoula, murmurs a tragic tale of Indian lore. The Pascagoula Indians were a tribe of contented, idyllic people, whereas the Biloxi Indians considered themselves the 'first people, " and were jealous of the Pascagoula. Anola, a princess of the Biloxi tribe, was in love with Altama, chief of the Pascagoulas. She was betrothed to a chieftain of her own tribe, but fled with Altama to his people. Faced with enslavement by the Biloxi tribe, the Pascagoulas joined hands and began to chant a song of death as they walked into the river until the last voice was hushed by the dark, engulfing waters.

The Singing River is famous worldwide for the noise it makes, like a swarm of bees. The music, which grows nearer and louder until it seems to come from under foot, is best heard in the still of evening, during late summer and autumn. Various scientific explanations have been offered for the phenomenon, but none have been proven.



*1NotSOcLUCKyRN* said...

I got chills.

regina Butler said...

I LOVE the Pascagoula River. WE often went crabbing there when I was a kid. The sound full and rich.

Forcedtoretirelegaleagle said...

And I am so glad that the green liquor or black liquor from a certain plant didn't completely kill this wonderful river, along with its caddis flies.