Monday, December 3, 2007

To-do list:

Here's what I have facing me today. Two cartoons will take about seven hours. So as you can see, this will be a long day.

Get oil changed in the van before work.
Run by the bank.
Draw two cartoons - one local, one national
Ed board.
Change password.
Clean cubicle once and for all.


GeofChaucer said...

Yeah, when I left church yesterday I noticed that your desk is starting to look like mine.

I'll clean the cubicle if you'll teach Macbeth today...

By the way - St. A's Parish Choir is doing some pretty amazing music at the MMA tomorrow night. Definitely good stuff.

Marshall Ramsey said...

I think a more fair trade would be I'll teach MacBeth and you come up with a couple of cartoon ideas and draw them.

Cleaning the desk is a snap.

mrs.h said...

Does cleaning a cubical "once and for all" mean that you are now getting a real office with a real door? Unless you're cleaning something and then moving out, it's NOT once and definitely not for all!

regina Butler said...

Clean cubicle? What's that?

A clean cubicle is the sign of an empty mind, don't you know that?

Shane said...

Godspeed changing that password. Around these parts, password-changing is grounds for not being able to do anything the rest of the day.

Watercolor said...

Draw like the wind!!

Forcedtoretirelegaleagle said...

Cubicle cleaning would be my most dreaded part of the "to-do" list.

Marshall Ramsey said...

We have tightened ours up over the last year or so for added security. But I think the only people it keeps out of the system are employees. It has turned into a major hassle to change.

GeofChaucer said...

I think some Macbethian allusions would make some great cartoons.

Nobody'd get my cartoons, though, because they'd be full of references to literature.

Though, however, I think comparing some politicians to Lady Chatterly's Lover would be absolutely hilarious.

BTW - one class and one senior meeting down...two more Macbeths to go!

Marshall Ramsey said...

Macbethian allusions worked well in the 50's and 60's Warner Bros. cartoons but I am afraid they wouldn't as well today. My biggest challenge is keeping myself in touch -- and to be honest, I am sliding into old fart land quickly. I guess I am, anyway. I don't want to know if Britney is wearing underwear or not.

GeofChaucer said...

I agree with you there.

Forcedtoretirelegaleagle said...


The Topiary Cow said...

Alluding to Macbeth, and ol' Mrs. Chatterly, verily, forsooth, Mr. R's to-do list demands inclusion:

--change oil, wash hands
--run by the bank, see groundskeeper
--draw and quarter cartoons
--Ed board of social commentary and innuendo by D. Lawrence
--change password into groundskeeper's hut
--clean cubicle of Shakepearean allusions.


Southern Miss Alum said...

If you bring back the gibberish needed to submit a post, you'd have a goldmine of password options provided every day.

GeofChaucer said...

*screaming in the background*

Topiary Cow, you are TOO MUCH!

But I'd suggest that Mr. R stay AWAY from the groundskeeper.

*washes hands*