Monday, December 3, 2007

Monday Free-For-All

Thoughts on what is happening out there?


regina Butler said...

Tomorrow is the day!!! Captain jack 3 comes out on DVD. No, I'm not going to stay up until midnight tonight t buy one.

*pout* I have to wait until Saturday. My birthday.

dhcoop said...


It was great meeting Watercolor at Chimneyville yesterday! It's really fun to meet someone you've conversed with for months, but never laid eyes on!

As for the lurker that introduced herself to watercolor but hasn't yet posted, COME ON OUT! All are welcome here!

Katherine said...

Hey guys -- a typical Monday around here (laundry day!). :) But, little man and I are going to meet my sister and niece for lunch at Pizzeria Unos. I LOVE their pizza.
(and I love that my sister lives so close now!) :)

Susan said...

Recovering from a weekend of bridesmaid duties and wedding festivities. Bride and groom should be heading off to Paris later today. I don't think I've ever been in a wedding where quite so many things went wrong in the last 24 hours, and quite so many people stepped up to fix it all without hesitation! It was beautiful, everybody had a good time, and (most importantly) the bride was happy!

Jennifer said...

I have a lot on my mind today. It is making work seem really terrible and boring. I'm ready to get home, get in my PJs, and get in the bed with my pup.

Where's Ro said...

Unos pizza, yummmmm!!! Do they still have the thin crust veggie with artichoke hearts??

Watercolor said...

I'm off to the head doc today. I'm expecting a lecture for the long hours, high stress, and letting myself get a bit dehydrated. sigh. Not good for a bad head. oy. Well, until I figure out a way to make a living without all that, heh, it is just life.

Watercolor said...

And it was so fun to meet you dhcoop!!! I hope you enjoy your oil lamp!!! Mom and Dad got a kick out of hearing about our little online community. :)

Forcedtoretirelegaleagle said...

Katherine, Pizzeria Unos sounds like my kind of place. Is it connected to the Uno pizza in New York City that is so famous?

Regina, I was watching the Tonight Show the other night and it was from June of 1995. Johnny Depp was the first guest. He looks so plain in person that I doubt that I would recognize him on the street. But his makeup and costumes in the movies are something else! I love his Captain Jack character.

bloggerman said...

Got cut loose early, go back to court tomorrow afternoon. may go by and wave at the monkey.

Forcedtoretirelegaleagle said...

After seeing your trivia blog about the Pascagoula River yesterday, I read today that Bald Eagles are nesting again around the Pascagoula River and having eaglets. I'm glad to see the eagle population expanding enough to get them (us) off the endangered list.

Forcedtoretirelegaleagle said...


10 - Malibu Barbie's Wildfire Beach House.
9 - CSI Junior Autopsy Kit.
8 - Dance Dance Revolution - Mosh Pit Edition.
7 - Popeil's Baby Ginsu Knives.
6 - Barbed Wire Slinky.
5 - My Little "Genetically-Modified Killer" Pony.
4 - Sen. Larry Craig's Bathroom Twister.
3 - Nacho-flavored Legos.
2 - Bee Movie's: Official Bee Hive Poking Stick.
1 - Most Dangerous Toy this Christmas - Tickle Me Copperfield.

regina Butler said...

AM going to see DENTIST in 15 minutes. Halleljuah!!!! NO MORE PAIN@@@!!!!!

Katherine said...

Unos is a franchise of the Uno's Pizzeria in Chicago. I started eating there when we were on vacations about a decade ago, but they've since updated, and (I have to keep reminding myself) are now technically "Unos Chicago Grill".
Whatever. They still have great deep-dish pizza. :)

Katherine said...

Oh -
where's ro -- I have to confess, I always get the Numero Uno (classic "works" deep dish), so I've never paid much attention to the other pizzas on the menu. :) Guess I'm probably missing some pretty yummy stuff, but I LOVE that pizza!!