Saturday, December 1, 2007

Saturday Free-For-All

It's the weekend...What's going on?


mrs.h said...

we did it! George County is going to the State Championship game next Friday! It's time for the University of South Panola's 72 game winning streak to come to an end. If we can get our music minister to change the dress rehearsal for our Christmas musical, we'll be there.
( I copied this from the evil K. comment section)

dhcoop said...


Yeah mrs.h!! Way to go George County!

I'm down in Crystal Springs with my friends who helped me with Merle last weekend. I am going to spend some time working in the pet cemetary this morning. I want to prune up some trees around it and put some flowers on his little grave. He's in a good place here.

It's going to be a beautiful day!

Watercolor said...

I'm up earlier than usual on a saturday getting ready to be free labor at chimneyville. woohoo!

Forcedtoretirelegaleagle said...

Today is the last day to enter codes from Coke and Pepsi bottle tops, so I got mine all entered and am waiting to see which Coke sweepstakes I win. I tried to win the GMC truck from Pepsi, but had no luck there.

I hope you have better luck, mrs.h, playing South Panola than I did in winning the Pepsi football challenge.

regina Butler said...

All right Mrs. H!!! Tell your music minister y'all can pray and rehearse wednesday night

Coop, hope your heart is mending. Doing little things like that does help.

I washed a few dishes this morning, swept a path in the floor and now headed to mom's to talk to sisters about this wedding anniversary thing we are trying to pull off. yall have a good day!!

Marshall, hope you are doing better.

Forcedtoretirelegaleagle said...

OMG! I found free video poker online at They gave me 75 points to start and now I'm up over 3,000. I wish it worked like that when my money was involved. LOL! I love roulette and I can play it and a lot of other casino games online too, so there is no need in taking my pennies to the boat.

dhcoop said...

Thanks Regina, and yes, I am mending. I did a little work in the area around where Merle is buried today and it felt good. One of the trees I pruned up was a cedar, so I put a few of the cedar boughs on Merle's grave. He was such a special creature.

Eagle, watch out! is addictive!!! I like the Wizard, myself. :)

Katherine said...

I was out of the house all day at a holiday shopping thing (selling, not buying -- well - mostly not buying :) ).

My husband and son survived each other today -- I think they had fun (judging by the pictures and stories little man told me when I got home!). It was strange being away from him all day . . .

How was Chimneyville today?