Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Morning Blog News Update: Tuesday Edition

Well, this may be the last Morning Blog News Update ever. I speak to the Legislature tonight -- I may not live to see the sun rise tomorrow. It's been nice knowing you. So if anything happens to me, I leave the blog to all of you in equal parts. Oh, and does anyone want to be my food taster? I hear they may be serving beef plant beef.

80 one day, cold as a marble in the freezer the next. Right now it is 29, but in just a few hours, it will be a sunny 63. A slight chance of rain pops into the forecast for the weekend.

Remembering Latasha Norman
This story is just a heartbreaker. Good kid, hooks up with a creep and ends up being abused. And then she pays with her life. Norman's pastor, the Rev. John Evans of Cathedral AME Zion Church in Jackson urged the crowd to forgive her killer (how hard to do) and delivered the most powerful message of all: He urged young women who are being abused to put an immediate stop to it. "That ain't love. That's slavery. Yes, it is. That's slavery. I thought we got out of that," he said. Well said. Well said.

Automatic Data Processing coming to Clinton
The old World Com building will be getting a tenant and our area could end up with 1,000 news jobs over the next five years. Automatic Data Processing on Monday said it bring a "solutions center" to the area on Jan. 1. ADP does business outsourcing services -- including payroll, human resources, tax and benefits programs.

Mississippi History: The Civilian Conservation Corps in Vicksburg
One of FDR's better ideas, the Civilian Conservation Corps mobilized an army of unemployed men to do valuable infrastructure work around the nation. Visit the Great Smoky National Park and most of the trails and roads were built or improved by the CCC. Here's a good story about the work these me did in the Vicksburg National Battlefield Park. There was some stuff I didn't know. (Not a huge shock). It's worth a read.

Clinton vs. Obama
Hillary is tearing into Obama, attacking his lack of experience and suggesting that he has too much ambition (not that she would know a thing about ambition -- and besides, what's wrong with ambition?). Anyway, with about a month to go, the fight really heats up.

Huckleberry Hound
That's who I think of when I hear Mike Huckabee's name. And I have been thinking of the blue dog a lot lately because the former large (now skinny) Governor from Arkansas is gaining serious traction, especially with the evangelical wing of the Republican party. His 15-minutes of fame have caused him to now poll up there with Hillary. From the story: The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows Giuliani with 20% support nationwide while Huckabee attracts 17%. Fred Thompson is at 14%, John McCain at 13% and Mitt Romney at 11%. Ron Paul attracts 7% of Likely Republican Primary voters nationwide and no other Republican candidate reaches 2%.

And you wonder why there are eating disorders...
Jennifer Love Hewitt is being attacked for being fat in the tabloids because photos taken of her at the beach. I am sure the dude writing the captions and taking the photos is a size freakin' zero himself. Idiots.

Want a Liberty Bowl ticket? Better hurry
I am surprised they aren't already sold out. Mississippi State received an allotment of 23,000 tickets from the Autozone Liberty Bowl; Mississippi State's ticket office processed telephone and Internet orders for 13,110 as of yesterday. Larry Templeton said State could get more if needed. Sounds like he may need to make that call.


GeofChaucer said...

Oh, there's a LOT wrong with ambition. Mix in a little greed, some witches, and a little prophecy, and you've a recipe for disaster. Just ask M.

(Was that for me, MR?)

Marshall Ramsey said...

I couldn't think of anyone else handling it any more eloquently.

vhdawg said...

Had a friend in college that went to work for Huckabee's first re-election campaign right after he got out, and really thinks the world of him. They're still close. If Mike manages to hang on, I'm sure he's getting my vote.

GeofChaucer said...

Awww....thanks. Now let me go wash up.

*washes hands*

From the Doghouse said...

Slavery. Excellent comment by the pastor.

I saw the Hewitt pics; I don't know what the problem is supposed to be. Except for the fact that, unlike 90 percent of Hollywood pictures, these weren't airbrushed.

Watercolor said...

Go Jennifer!

regina Butler said...

Speaking to the legislature tonight huh? What? do you expect hand grenades instead of tomatoes thrown at you?

What are you going to tell them?

"Straighten up or I will draw ... u in a cartoon tomorrow?"


Forcedtoretirelegaleagle said...

I volunteer to be your official taster at tonight's presentation. I worked around these blowhards so many years that I'm not scared! I have started sharpening my talons!

Imus finally said something that made sense when he said that Hillary Clinton is satan. Might have to watch Barbara Walters' special Thursday night to hear it again.

I watch Ghost Whisperer all the time and I'm glad they decided to put Jennifer Love Hewitt back in less revealing clothing this year. I thought on every episode last season that she was going to fall out of her tops. She certainly isn't what I would consider fat.

I'm glad JSU is opening a center addressing abusive relationships. I hope they instill in a lot of women the instinct to run like h&#$ from this type of situation.