Monday, December 3, 2007

Try whistling this

Went to the car dealership to get some warranty work done on the Ramseymobile. Our vehicle is honestly the best car I have ever own -- it is perfect for hauling the Ramsey brood around over vast distances. Boys are happy with the DVD , Mom likes that she can listen to the radio and Dad has heated seats to keep his famously bad back from hurting. But it does have one minor flaw that causes me serious mind-numbing headaches. A trim piece around the windshield keeps warping, making a noise that sounds like a teapot on the stove. Think it is no big deal? Try it for 2,000 miles. Turning up the radio only solves some of the problem. After a few hours of listening to the high-pitched shrill sound, I am ready to play golf using kittens.

It's been fixed twice. And it still rewarps. Like I said, it's not like the transmission falls out on the road, but it's annoying. And I have enough annoying in my life. I don't need more. I just want it to not whistle. I don't need a several thousand dollar teapot.

So I went in today and the dealer fixed it again, with a smile and no hassle. They made it good without a single question.

Being a Ramsey, I don't believe in buying new cars (nor do I lease my cars either) -- but I have to admit, these guys are doing a good job luring me back in with my car finally pushes up iron daisies.


Forcedtoretirelegaleagle said...

Oh, Marshall, please not golf with kittens. It makes my blood run cold!

The Topiaryiest Bunny said...

"I am ready to play golf using kittens."

Bunny plays golf WITH kittens.

They keep batting the ball into the rough, though.


Marshall Ramsey said...

Probably shouldn't have written that. Some numb head will try it.

I am with bunny -- my only problem is the kittens meow when you try to putt. It is so distracting.

mrs.h said...

A customer service department can go a long way to make or break any kind of business.

The Topiary Cow said...

Yes, and them kitties cheat the minute your tail is turned away.

The special kitten-discount admission has led to an imbalance of power on the greens.


Where's Ro said...

Kitties also leave suprises in the sand traps!

I fully understand wanting to get rid of "the annoying sound." Periodically something will cause our "cage" (we have the dog grate across the back) to rattle in the car and it drives us nuts until it resettles and stops.

Stacey said...

I am ready to play golf using kittens.

Wait, that's NOT how you do it? Dang it.

A guy hit my car once and I got an insurance check for $1300, which was more than the car was worth, so we pocketed it. The dent was about the size of a baseball. It whistled going down the freeway, but it wasn't that loud and it was SO worth $1300.

Stacey said...

Also awesome? Traveling 7 hours with a styrofoam cooler. There's no way to keep that crap quiet.

The Topiary Cow said...

Hairballs of iniquity on Hole 9.

Spit and polish needed, putting green.

Meow Mix Missing from Club House.

Ah, the humanity.


The Zero Gravity Janitor said...

"...whistled going down the freeway"

Roots! Stacey is giving away her non-southern roots!

Interstate. blah, blah, say southerners. Interstate.

Cleanup on non-Southern-speak!

regina Butler said...

"playing golf using kittens." That sounds soooo like my brother. However,my brother would play golf using kittens whether his windsheild whistled or not.

Oh BTW, his dear Jeep cracked in the motor this past Saturday after a hunting trip. Dad said he doesn't know why. Dale was "just driving down the road."

But I know my brother "winking eye" he probably made the thing jump the biggest ditch in the hunting grounds over the weekend.

regina Butler said...

Stacey, you have an egg nog recipe in the Sunday free-for-all from me.

It is good to see bunny hopping and cow mooing today. Have missed you two.

Now Im off to the dentist so I can quit hurting in my toes.

Supermom said...

I've never known a kitty that's been able to hit a birdie....

I tawt I taw a puddy tat!!!

The Topiaryiest Bunny said...

Bunnies can birdie.

We just don't want to.


Supermom said...

What's up with the fire at the Trustmark Building? I used to work there. My best friend still does. Which floor was the fire?

*1NotSOcLUCKyRN* said...

I tawt I taw a puddy tat!


Supermom said...

AWWW! Charlie Brown Christmas is on. If hubby were home he'd be going ballistic. He hates it when I watch a movie on cable that we have on DVD.

Eh... I don't mind the commercials so much. Beats having to expend the energy to get up and go get the DVD, load it and figure out the remote. :)