Sunday, December 2, 2007

Morning Blog News Update: Lite edition

Need to limp to church today. Pain is subsiding and I need to go say thanks for getting me through the last few weeks. So this will be short.

Rain. At least a 50% chance of it. Wish it were higher, and that the Weather Service was predicting more of it. But I will take every drop that hits my house. Expect a balmy high of 78, too.

SEC Championship:UT beats UT, LSU is credited with the win.
Two interceptions, one for a touchdown and one to kill a game-tying drive plus a missed chip-shot field goal handed the game to LSU. Otherwise, Tennessee played the Tigers tough.

Why I am glad I live in a place where it will be 78 today
The Midwest has been plastered with Snow and Ice. And I am wearing shorts today. Heh.

Vote for me for Dictator for Life!
President --but soon to be Dictator Chavez --wants his term-limit removed and to be made "President for Life." Frank Melton is looking into changing Jackson's charter, too.

IMUS debuts tomorrow
Don Imus is back. Will he torch his protesters or will he be a kinder, gentler Imus. Or will I care? Howard Stern, a long-time Imus nemesis, said, "At this point, I don't think he's very relevant," Stern said. "People will tune out within a week. I defy you to listen. It's like a rodeo -- you know, see how long you can ride a bull? See how long you can keep listening to Imus."

The battle of Dickie Scruggs
The zillionaire trial lawyer is in for the fight of his life. Here's a story that talks about it. If he did what he accused of, he's an idiot. Why put your reputation and career (and son) at risk when you know the other side is going to be gunning for you. If he didn't do it, he put himself in a position to be set up. This is going to get down and dirty.

Christian (BATMAN) Bale in a new Terminator movie?
Presidential campaign in Iowa gets put on ice.
Shoney's trying to become a big boy again and reclaim some of its former glory.


Forcedtoretirelegaleagle said...

After being around others like Scruggs over the last 40+ years, it is extremely amusing to me to see an arrogant, rich, better than the rest of the world, in the profession for the money lawyer get caught with his hands in the cookie jar. Yes, there is justice in this world and if you wait long enough. what goes around, comes around. I've seen it happen way too many times.

Forcedtoretirelegaleagle said...

Mr. Eagle was disappointed on Thanksgiving morning to find that Krystal was closed and he couldn't get his weekend/holiday breakfast, so he went to the only place open in our area, Shoney's. If Shoney's would invest in some paper towels, they could probably increase business. Their breakfast buffet is always swimming in grease and even the bacon biscuit Mr. Eagle brought me was full of greasy bacon. It's not too difficult to get rid of grease before food is served. Maybe the new owner will figure that one out, and maybe not. We were starving one Saturday night after working on our land all day and stopped for the Shoney's seafood buffet. We asked for horseradish to add to the bland cocktail sauce, only to be told that they didn't have any. Don't ever go to a seafood buffet in an establishment that doesn't even stock horseradish!

regina Butler said...

Ha! loved your comment about Melton. Do I see an editorial cartoon coming on? It's rich with ideas.

mrs.h said...

about the weather: Mr. H is headed to Boston tomorrow, unless Logan airport is closed for snow! He's packing the blizzard wear.