Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Speech to the newly elected legislators.

I think I know how the Blues Brothers felt at Bob's Country Bunker -- standing in front of a bunch of freshmen legislators after an open bar made me feel about as naked as I could've felt while wearing clothes. I would have traded my kingdom for some chicken wire.

But hell, I survived. Made a joke about eating pork (legislators love pork) when there was all of the beef you could eat from the beef plant. Got a few groans on the beef plant cartoons. Showed some Billy McCoy and Amy Tuck cartoons. Showed Haley and John Arthur cartoons. I didn't hold anything back.

I was brave because I was nearer to the door than they were.

From all accounts, this incoming group of newly elected legislators is a pretty sharp bunch. Think of them as a good recruiting class. In a few years, hopefully a good team will emerge from their ranks.

Well, as a cartoonist, I hope not. But as a guy trying to raise kids in this state, I pray it does.


bloggerman said...

the question is on the freshman front, will they vote for mccoy or smith. your take.

Marshall Ramsey said...

One said that he learned today that there were 128 House Members because Speaker McCoy said he had 64 votes and Jeff Smith said he had 64 votes.

I dunno -- a couple told me their preferences, but a couple of the others danced around the issue.

The big topic all night long was who Haley would appoint. Roger Wicker's name kept coming up over and over -- although I heard that Haley was polling to see who would most likely be a winner.

regina Butler said...

I think Haley will lean toward Roger. He is a good man. He knows Washington, too.