Thursday, December 6, 2007

Morning Blog News Update: Thursday Edition

Like mentioned earlier, the blog has crossed the 4,000 mark and is still clicking along. And today is also another big milestone -- the website will switch over to a new design (yea!) and the blog will no longer be on Blogger. But fear not. The more things change, the more they stay the same. You will continue find the same kind of crap you have come to love and expect from me. And your links will take you to the new blog. I will continue to blog on this blog until the change and then will have links to it when the change happens. So nothing will be lost in the transition. Like bags on a flight. Uh oh.

Well, there is no change in the weather today. It will be pretty much like yesterday and tomorrow. Expect a high of 57 and sun. Rain chances go up to a nasty sprinkle this weekend.

Omaha Mall Shooting
Robert A. Hawkins, 20, goes into a busy shopping mall and starts killing innocent shoppers before he kills himself. Nine are dead, including the shooter. My questions is why couldn't he have started with himself. I realize people are walking around mad a World, but honestly, the World usually is only partly to blame. But outrage aside, what a terrible tragedy. And as place that has scars from such shootings, our hearts go out to our friends in Nebraska.

Nice honor for Croom
It's worth mentioning again, Mississippi State Coach Sylvester Croom went from being on the bubble to S.E.C. Coach of the Year. Nice guys do finish first.

Not Nix
South Carolina (and former Bower Assistant) Tyrone Nix won't be a candidate to replace Jeff Bower at USM and Larry Fedora (Oklahoma State offensive coordinator) and David Lee (Arkansas and soon-to-be Ole Miss offensive coordinator) have been interviewed.

Back to the Future
Here's the full story about Dr. Ed Thompson's full-time return to the Health Department. He'll pull a Malcolm McMillin and continue serve as a Department Head at UMC until a replacement can be found.

Not "24", more like 48. 48 days in Jail
Keifer Sutherland, son of Donald and star of the hit show "24", will be resting comfortably in a
Glendale, California jail for the next 48 days, working off a D.U.I. sentence. "Kiefer made the decision to surrender to custody immediately," his attorney, Blair Berk, told The Associated Press. He could have waited as late as Feb. 12.

Grinch is coming
Lawmakers may slash budget. But of course they will, it's the year after an election.


regina Butler said...

"like bags on a flight ..." Like those bags on Santa's flight around ridgeland mall? heh!!

regina Butler said...

Oh, and Marshall, it's THURSDAY now.

Just thought I'd remind you before some of your other women do.

Whups! That didn't sound right did it?

regina Butler said...

Oh, and I meant to say '4,000; 4,000; 4,0000' congratulations Marshall. Looking forward to the new format.

Marshall Ramsey said...

Thanks. I am dumb as as stump at 5:19 a.m.

regina Butler said...

ha! "dumb as a stump". A stump isn't so dumb.

That reminded me of Shel (I think that's his first name) Silverstein's book "The Giving Tree". Have you ever read it?

regina Butler said...

You little squirrel!!! You can change it from Wednesday to Thursday even after you post it up?

Jennifer said...

Yea for Croom! Boo for Harkins!

I will never understand some people (and that is a good thing). He wanted to be famous. That blows my mind. Why do people care that much about fame? Well I'm sure he has moved on to a place where he is not famous at all.

Marshall Ramsey said...

Yes, I have read the Giving Tree. I remember some parent protesting Silverstein when I was a kid -- saying he was the tool of the Devil.

The Topiary Cow said...

"My questions is why couldn't he have started with himself."



regina Butler said...

Doesn't this parent realize we are all tools of the devil at one point or another in our lives?

That's why we have Christmas and Easter. God HAD, no God CHOSE to be born and die for US.

Forcedtoretirelegaleagle said...

Well at least Hillary has relieved Silverstein of his duties.

I used to think Keifer was a cutie, but the older he gets, the more he looks like his dad and his cuteness is fading. Christmas in jail should be fun. Maybe Santa can find time to visit.

Watercolor said...

What happened with Ridgeland? I was at work until 9:30 last night and missed all the news.

Marshall Ramsey said...

Mayor Gene cast the tie-breaking vote on the 13-story Tower that will kill the Regions building downtown.