Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Question of the day

Do you think that the Legistlature should give money to the City of Jackson to support services the city provides for state property?


Stacey said...

Only if they start taking money away from people who don't need it... like the guy I saw in CVS the other night arguing about his Medicaid coverage and how much he needed it then running outside to hop in his dang Escalade.

Now there are a hundred ways to explain that, but I'm going with the path of least resistance.

And back on topic... Sure, why not? If Jackson's spending money on the state, the state should pay Jackson back.

Katherine said...

Same thing happens here in DC -- most of the buildings are government buildings, non-profits, or embassies, so no tax dollars there. And the kicker -- DC has to refund income taxes to the people who live in DC but work in VA or MD. But, people who live outside DC, but come there to work, don't pay income tax in DC. DC wastes money just like any government, but they don't really have much of a tax base compared to the population they are serving.

But, in response to your question -- DC gets TONS of federal money because of that situation, so I guess it's not really all that different for the legislature to take care of the city that is hosting it.

Old Bopper said...

If they give Jackson money they will start a flood of requests. Let's see in Rankin County there's Whitfield, a prison, Law Enforcement Academy, Fire Academy, Emergency Operations Center.....and in Sunflower County there's a prison, ditto for George County. Universities everywhere. Heck, the State has operations all over Mississippi.

Jackson should be thankful to get the extra sales tax the state government brings in.

Watercolor said...

Only if they want the provided, heh.