Thursday, November 8, 2007


Two hundred miles later, I am now home. What a marathon of a day -- and I get to start it over in six hours.

After a successful day at Mistletoe, drawing two cartoons and scanning them, I headed south to just north of the Mississippi/Louisiana line. Destination: Magnolia, Mississippi.

I spoke at the Magnolia/South Pike Chamber banquet. I had had to turn them down for the last couple of years, so I felt like I needed to say yes this year. I really enjoyed everyone I met. The Chamber President had also gone to Tennessee and was there when my Dad was. The Mayor of Magnolia was an obviously bright guy. Keri, who had coordinated my appearance, won the Citizen of the Year. Even though my voice is on the edge of going out and even though I did not have a microphone in an elementary school cafeteria, I got a standing ovation -- the best way to end a speech.

I then fired up the Ramseymobile and headed north.

My low fuel light came on south of Crystal Springs (it's amazing how lonely I-55 can be when your low fuel light comes on). I stopped as soon as I could and got some gas. $3.10 for mid grade. Ouch.

And then I headed on north. It's 10:42.

My pillow is calling.

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Stacey said...

I felt bad that there were no comments on this post. So I'm posting.

Hey, you dumped the captchas! We complained, but we were having fun.