Friday, November 9, 2007

Friday's cartoon

Yesterday, a lady, as she was walking away, said, "Lester would tear your book to shreds." She was a friend of Lester. One of her friends came back and apologized for her. I said, "Don't worry ma'am, I've been cussed worse than that."


Woopwa said...

Who's laying on the ground?

regina Butler said...

LOL!!! Great cartoon. Now that's a REAL bull.

Woopwa, it says "taxpayers" Sometimes the only way to see details is to pull the hard copy.

However, I still don't know what he scribbled on Gov. Barbour's tatoo last Wednesday.

Yay!! we still get to have fun with word verification.

uuccf -uc what?

Watercolor said...

heh! You used "heh" again! :)


regina Butler said...

Watercolor, that's exactly what I thought when I saw the cartoon. Brilliance strikes again.


The Topiary Cow said...

"Lester would tear your book to shreds..."

Guess she didn't buy one?


Marshall Ramsey said...

Governor Barbour's tattoo was a heart with "tobacco" written in it.

Marshall Ramsey said...

And no, the lady didn't buy a book. She mumbled her insult at me as she was walking away.

99% of what I have heard today was very postive. But we had one old guy that was very proud of the fact that he could tell up to our face that The Clarion-Ledger was the worst newspaper he had ever seen. It was a big moment for him, I guess.