Friday, November 9, 2007

Friday Free-For-All

Anything going on today?


dhcoop said...

It's going to be quiet again today I guess. It's already after 8 and I'm FIRST.

I have to get a flu shot this morning. YUCK. Someone from home health is coming to our office to do it.

cletc = sounds like a musical note gone bad

regina Butler said...

Marshall, coop gets the blogger gold star award (not dallas cowboy star, mind you) for being able to entertain herself on the blog yesterday.

I was busier than a kitty in a litter box (and you know from personal experience how busy that is, especially when a kitty gets stuck in a litter box. lol!!)

Everyone else must have been busy too because coop managed to carry on a conversation by herself yesterday.

I don't know if that means she is a little eccentric or bored. You decide. Anyway, make sure she gets a gold star okay?

Magic word time qdybgzb ... and post! I find it's easier to type it in up here first and make sure you get all the letters correct, then copy and paste.

Dern it! I got all those letters right. Blogger don't like me. All right, try again hqbrmav.

Katherine said...

It's wet and cold up here today -- and there was a chance of snow last night. I love cold weather, but going from 90 to 30 in less than three weeks isn't fun.

It's easier to type the word correctly if you actually have your fingers on the right keys. :)

regina Butler said...

katherine, where do you live? No let me guess. Illinois? Ohio? Virginia? okay you might as well tell me.

If I don't clean my desk off DEQ is going to require me to have a permit to sit back here. lol!

I have been up way to many hours this week, what with an election and a cook off in the same week.

This morning I moved one of my bird feeders and informed my son that it would be better because when the mice fly in ... wait a minute I said, mice don't fly. And shook my head.

Jon lifted his eyes to heaven and said "God help me, I have to live with her."

uzxntwhs -that really does look like magic word.
aaaannnddd it didn't work. uoonac try this one.
Blogger needs some midol today, it's being cranky.

Shane said...

I had a Hwy 51 resurfacing sighting. What's the over/under on what happens first:

1) Hwy 51 repavement completion

2) USA defeats Canada in winter olympic hockey

dhcoop said...

Regina, bored would be the reason. Our receptionist was out sick yesterday so I had to sit at her desk to cover the phone. It didn't ring much.

szwjagwa = what a hick says when a jaguar drives by

Stacey said...

When I woke up this morning, the birds were singing, sun was shining, there were deer eating just outside of my window, and Snow White was walking around in my backyard.


Hubby asked what I'm going to do all morning before I leave for Mistletoe. I said "stretching."

Also, the word verifications only last for about 30 seconds or so. If you post a really long comment or wait a long time to comment, it changes and you have to enter another one.

HopieUM said...

thats interesting stacey! that's good to know

dhcoop said...

That is interesting, Stacey. I vote Stacey as our MRBA web guru.

Well, I got my flu shot and it didn't hurt a bit. A very nice nurse came to our office and shot us all.

ztkkeiyi = some kind of greek food

regina Butler said...

Getting ready for the shopping marathon, huh Stacey. Tell Marshall we are missing his humor. And if he is next ot the hug me sign, hug him for all of us and Mayor Melton too.

And coop count your no phone call blessings. This morning I had two lines here at the newspaper and my cell phone going at the same time. Crazy crazy crazy.

Finally things have settled down a little bit and I FOUND MY DESK!!!!! Yayyyyy!! I fell like George Bailey did when he found out he was alive again. Don't call DEQ yet. I"m not operating a landfil without a license here.

tsjhtwp -japanese tv station

okay, Im talking too much according to stacy

mvfvwpqf PRINT!!

Super Mom said...

A very nice nurse came to our office and shot us all

Yet Clarion Ledger hasn't picked up on this breaking news yet.

regina Butler said...

Marshall isn't here to tell them about it supermom.

Katherine said...

We live in the Maryland suburbs of DC. I didn't stay up all night to watch and see if any flakes fell, though. :)

The word verification thing is cramping my style, though -- I always previewed my messages before I posted them, and now it's too much trouble. So, if there are any major errors, blame the word verification. :)

dhcoop said...

Obviously, I survived the shooting.

And I have been quite enjoying the word verification - in case you haven't noticed!

mtmogle = name of a mountain owned by a rich person

well, crap, got interrupted and my cool word wasn't accepted

hbeucy = ??

*1NotSOcLUCKyRN* said...

The "Hug Me" sign was in the corner of Christy's pic on her blog-along with a pic of she & MR.

Not shopping this weekend, dangit. Miss Thang is doing better and getting sassy, but can't be out of the house for a week. Argh.

dufyelo-yellow butt?

Watercolor said...

Glad Miss Thang is doing better! Hope you both survive the quarantine....

*1NotSOcLUCKyRN* said...

I woke up with a migraine this morning at 5...does that give you a clue?


Watercolor said...

oy. Migraines are abounding this week.... maybe the weather? We have two at work with them this week.

dhcoop said...

Hey watercolor, can you say what kind of booth your Dad will have at Chimneyville?

ovgswyve = oversize weave

*1NotSOcLUCKyRN* said...

"A very nice nurse came to our office and shot us all."

It wasn't me, but it could be...buahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Watercolor said...

Yep! My dad is a woodturner and will have his beautiful bowls, platters, and vases. He really focuses on the finish and gets the surface just glassy smooth. It is incredible. My mom is his critic and frequently sends him back to the shop to get things smoother, lol! Everything has a food grade finish and he even turns the back of the platters so they are actually more intricate than the tops. I'm an little bit proud of him, can you tell? lol! I'll remind y'all when it gets close. I'll be working his booth with him.

Watercolor said...

OH, He does candlesticks, too. Really lovely.

Word verification is gone!