Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Who would be fun to draw if they won

Governor's Race
Haley "I look like Fred Flintstone" Barbour vs. John "Don't call me John Arthur" Eaves
Winner: Tie

Lt. Governor
Phil "I look like John Kerry" Bryant vs. Jamie "What the heck is up with my hair" Franks
Winner: Phil

Attorney General
Jim "Trial Lawyer" Hood vs. Al "Ripped off the Dallas Cowboys" Hopkins
Winner: Hood -- by a Mullet.

Tate "Tater" Reeves vs. Shawn "I'm running for every race" O'Hara
Winner: Shawn O'Hara

Ag. Commissioner
Lester "Moo" Spell vs. Rickey "Hey, Lester -- Moo!" Cole vs. Third Party Riley Guy
Winner: Lester "Moo" Spell

Mike "Santa" Sumrall vs. Stacey "I'm not Chip" Pickering
Winner: Santa

Sec. of State
Gilbert Hosemann vs. Rob "Who?" Smith
Winner: Anyone with the name Hosemann.

Insurance Commissioner
Gary "Thanks for the check Dickie" Scruggs vs. Mike "An insurance company's pal" Chaney
Winner: George Dale.

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regina Butler said...

Lester "moo" spell. I love it. Ya know, he might be petting that cow before tonight is over with if they slip him enough of the adult drink. hee hee