Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Who thought the Caveman show was a good idea?

I hope the writer that cooked up the Caveman sitcom stays on strike. Anything else on?


regina Butler said...

Thank God I'm not watching tv. YOU are my entertainment.

I'm about to go cook a pot of coffee and start popping Hershey's kissies. Finally got over the blood letting from this afternoon.

Our shirts from the blood bank here aren't as pretty as yours.

Watercolor said...

Of course not.

I just opened my mail to discover I didn't pay my insurance payment for October. Ack! To, of course, State Farm. Wrote it in my check book but aparently didn't put it in the bill pay thing on the computer. ARG!!! Got online and sent it in and they'll have it in their account thursday am. We'll see if it appeases the insurance gods at SF. Have I EVER missed a payment before... NO.

Marshall Ramsey said...

I did that once. Felt guilty as hell about it, too. The bill, with stamp on it, got stuck in some papers.

Watercolor said...

I even have a letter from my agent, too, about it. What kills me is, the letter from my agent is dated the 2nd of Nov and they have my phone number. They couldn't call me?

Watercolor said...

And, you are right. That caveman show is awful. The commercials are stretching the concept pretty far, frankly.

*1NotSOcLUCKyRN* said...

Caveman sucked. I watched it once...it was wasted time. Carpoolers was funny, however.

Fave 30 minute sitcom is Scrubs, hands down.

Not watching TV tonight...I think I am more nervous/scared/terrified than she is...and I had my tonsils out at 28.


Marshall Ramsey said...

I think it is much worse when you are an adult.

I was in the pedeatric wing when I was 19. I kept having the nurses come in and say, "My, you're too big to burp."

Watercolor said...

I liked Scrubs when it first started, but then it got.... too something and it lost me. I'm liking Big Bang Theory.

Tonsils tomorrow?

*1NotSOcLUCKyRN* said...

The Centerpoint Energy gas dude is now at my house. As we were walking home from mom's, we smelled natural gas right in front of our house. Yep, there's a leak.

No stress here, none at all. We live less than 15 miles from the Philly explosion site.

Pass the Valium. PLEASE.

regina Butler said...

Clucky, please don't get fried and end up the second course at lester "moo" spell's victory party. okay? hee hee

Marshall Ramsey said...

That will soothe your nerves right before your daughter's surgery.


*1NotSOcLUCKyRN* said...

The leak is at the meter. They shook the entire house to find it. I almost soiled myself. They are working on it now.

I have one, yes ONE, heater in my house. Gas heater to boot. It will be in the 30's tonight.



regina Butler said...

Well, I didn't hear a kaboom up here so I guess clucky is not fried. Lester will have to find his chicken somewhere else. Surely he knows the way to Col. Sanders place.

Forcedtoretirelegaleagle said...

I've been liking Big Bang Theory too until last night. I didn't think it was as good as usual, but I guess the writers were thinking about their strike.