Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Whirled tour

The Ramsey whirled tour continues. Now it is off to the Hub City.

Richland, you and all of your traffic lights, here I come.


Jennifer said...

And its down to two lanes in several places in Richland. Have fun! =)

vhdawg said...

Just drive to Brandon and go south on Star Road. It may be slower, but it's much less painful.

unimp said...

You need a driver so you an nap during those road trips

Southern Miss Alum said...

What dawg said.

Watercolor said...

What unimp said.

Heather said...

Saw you in the Burg tonight... you were easily our best forum speaker! Thanks for coming! :)

SoMissTV said...

Marshall Speaking Report

Filed by: SoMissTV

Report follows

Having never seen a Marshall presentation, I was unsure what to expect. Marshall made it to the building a couple of minutes early, where I had a chance to give him a quick pep talk ("don't suck"). After waiting through the introduction given by the man behind the podium, Marshall bounded up to the mic, grabbed it off the stand, and kissed the stuffy podium behind. Marshall's adherence to antiquated media display technology (overhead projector) was a statement to the spartan existence to which he subscribes. It became apparent that today's college students take no interest in beef plants or Jackson politics. Those of us in the know, however, found Marshall's pithy humor and sage wisdom to be both refreshing and old-fashioned. Speaking with great conviction in his voice, Marshall displayed a burning desire to better his craft (and win the Pulitzer for something... anything, really). Marshall's confirmation that he was offered another job recently confirmed my suspicions that he was, in fact, Bush's first (third?) choice for Attorney General. Marshall, enjoying the fourth meal advantages of the Capital City Taco Bell, wisely declined. During the question and answer period, two incredibly brilliant and insightful questions were posed by the author of this report. Marshall's answers were equally stunning in their complexity and simplicity ("blue" and "adverb"). Marshall sold nearly 700 books in one evening, with 698 bought by one individual. All in all, an exquisite evening was had by all. By all, of course, I mean me.

end report

Great job, Marshall! :)

Marshall Ramsey said...

And I thought I was flat as day old opened beer. Thanks. I was exhausted on the stage -- I was afraid it really showed.

SoMissTV said...

I may have embellished my report a little, but I thought you were solid. You were working with an audience that isn't familiar with the subject of your work.