Thursday, November 8, 2007

Thrusday Free-for-all

It is Thursday, isn't it? Anyway, I won't be near a computer for a good chunk of the day, so here's a good spot to comment on what is going on in the world.


regina Butler said...

Every November I do my best to think of one thing every day of the month to be thankful for. My son and I write some of these down on little cut out turkey feathers and put them around this turkey body I have on the wall, so by thanksgiving he has a full tail.

Today I'm thankful for flat tires ... and a big sister who comes to my rescue and airs them up for me. She even left her air tank with me in case I need it again.

dhcoop said...

Well, I thought I posted something while ago, but it's not showing up, so I'll repeat it...

I thanked Regina for the reminder that we should be thankful every day. My thanks of the day is for oatmeal which I can make from the hot water thingy on the Excel machine. Maple and brown sugar warms the body on a chilly day.

Hope everyone has a great day!

Oh, and my security word of the moment is "eyper" which makes me think of a viper which reminds me that the show Phenomenon was kinda spooky last night with the snakes.

Jennifer said...

Slow day today. Not very many posts. I can't say anything, I can barely think today.

And my word is xgkptogg.

dhcoop said...

It really is quiet. I was beginning to think I had killed the blog till you posted, Jennifer!

I think the security word is pretty funny, particularly when it makes you think of something else.


Jennifer said...

I HAVE to go to bed early tonight. I've stayed up late the last two nights and its killing me.


dhcoop said...

This is what a sneeze sounds like when you try to hold it back


mrs.h said...

We have mattresses being delivered tomorrow, so the room has to be ready TONIGHT. I hate rearranging furniture. I'm just glad this is in M's room. We can close the door and not have to look at it.

Stacey said...

dhcoop, you're having way too much fun with these words.

Well, since you started it, mine is fhorfsgo. I like it.

I'm hungry.

dhcoop said...

Hey, ya gotta have fun! This one's pretty cool.


My birthday is in September. :)

dhcoop said...

This is when you choke yourself awake in the middle of a snore


regina Butler said...

Sorry I havent had much time to talk yet. Will have more time in a bit.

Right now veterans are on my mind. I just got back from one of our schools that had a program honoring all the veterans. They especially honred the two that died in Iraq from Pontotoc this year. One of them was my cousin John. It was hard.

I coud hardly take Jill's picture because I was crying so hard.

Soldiers are on my list of things to be thankful for too. If it weren't for them we would be singing japanese today.

dhcoop said...

I'm sorry you had a rough morning Regina.

I am glad you are back, though. It's been TOO quiet in here today. And I'm having too much fun with the security words to do it by myself!

ftdni = a small floral arrangement

Jennifer said...


Sounds like something a little kid would name their teddy bear.

April said...

Thursday Free-for-all: here's my comment...the little newspaper in my part of the world finally has a website. Today I was checking out the site for the first time and I found this:

and I thought it was funny. I know you were a fan of the Delbert commercials.

regina Butler said...

I am going out to find myself. If you see me before I return, please send me back to my computer chair okay?

Magic word time: ufuezdc. sounds like a country in Afghanistan.

regina Butler said...

I wish all of you were here to come to our cook off. Our newspaper hosts what we call the POntotoc Finest Cooks cookoff. Ladies submit recipes and a landy with the extension office chooses the top 10 in seven categories (meat, veggie, salad, etc.) From that we choose three to be cooked and brought to the community house.

We get judges from the community to come in and taste the dishes and rate them, and we give away money to the ladies to be spent back in our local grocery stores.

That's why I've been so quiet today. Been busy getting stuff together for it.

dhcoop said...

Sounds good, Regina. But what in the world is a landy?? :)

zgryygjc = sounds like one of those allergy meds

regina Butler said...

Coop i'm toooo crazy to be writing today. A "landy" it's a cross between a lady and the land. hee hee.

Should have read lady or woman or female.

One of our door prizes is fresh brazilian coffee from our local coffee shop and the smell is driving me CRAZY!! it is awesome.

now where's my chocolate???

Magic word time. It would help if these words weren't slanted. I think i'm drunk. pgfwkocn

dhcoop said...

I figured as much, Regina. But since I had let MR slide with his "Thrusday" I had to get someone on spelling today!

We recently got one of those coffeemakers at my office that makes individual cups of coffee. We have all sorts of flavors. I just went upstairs and it smells like Starbucks!

lcgqk = what the Aflac duck says after one too many

regina Butler said...

I'm gonna need a shot of something strong to get me through this night. Will go to the community house and cook up some coffee.

Where has clucky been today? I have something to tell her about last week, when I went tricking on halloween night. Guess I'll have to wait until tomorrow.

Man! I just thought about something. When I went to give blood Tuesday, the questions that lady asked were WAY toooo personal. She needed rubber gloves on her tongue. ooops a rubber glove for the tongue would be ..... never mind.

xkdszbq Sounds like something you do in a kudzo patch

I did enter the words right. Stupid blog@@#$#$#!!!

try it again. mixoat (coops breakfast)

Jennifer said...

That was a good one Coop! of those magic words Harry Potter would say.

regina Butler said...

Yea it's not too much fun to get on to Marshall if he is not here to take the scolding is it?

I guess he didn't leave a controversial enough subject for everybody to fight over like he did the last time he left the blog alone for awhile.

Or everybody has been chasing their tails today. Tomorrow is GOING to be better, I know.

deqvd -sounds like a bad disease

vhdawg said...

Sweet Peppers Deli is coming to Colony Park in Ridgeland!!

For those of you unfamiliar with Sweet Peppers, Sweet Peppers = Bulldog Deli in Starkville, and Bulldog Deli >> McAlister's.

I may never set foot in a McAlister's again.

dhcoop said...

Regina, Clucky only makes early and late appearance after she got ratted out for blogging at work.

abchjy = a three year old attempting the alphabet

regina Butler said...

Well!!! Of all the nerve!!! Somebody get a trap out and catch that rat and dispose of IT properly!!! Please!!

I miss clucky. Anybody got any rat poison. Oh I know, we can offer the rat elderberry wine. Remember Arsnic and Old Lace??

qtjcglp -sounds like what someone would say after drinking elderberry wine laced with arsnic.

regina Butler said...

I hate to leave good company but I"ve got to get the rest of the stuff set up for cook contest.

I'll post again before I go home, though, because I'll have to drag stuff back down here.


regina Butler said...

For heaven's sake, can't we just type goodnightgracie


HopieUM said...

I love sweet peppers! i am excited about that!


HopieUM said...

I love sweet peppers! i am excited about that!


*1NotSOcLUCKyRN* said...

I've been here..just tending to my postop kid-she had her tonsils out yesterday. We've been watching movies: Barbie:Swan Lake, White Chicks and Short Circuit.

I'm off until Monday. If it was just Morgan, it would be fine. The males in the family need to just disappear.


exlga: ex lax large granny @$$

oops, sorry.

jcqamwz: ?????

Stacey said...

Clucky five alive! No disassemble cluckyrn!

I <3 Clucky.

dstjz - Dingy starlets try jazzy zippers.

dhcoop said...

Well, I'm headed home.

Last one of the day:

twweb = the world wide eb

Have a good evening everyone!

regina Butler said...

I ran into the office to get something. Stacey, you are getting too fancy with these words and thinking WAY tooooo fast on your feet for THIS time of the day.

loonpxnn -What's the bird doing? (ya know, a loon. A bird with long legs, unlike chickens like clucky who have short legs. Glad you aren't de-feathered clucky!!!)

Stacey said...

I'm a stay-at-home mom... my whole day's basically the same.

Happy Grey'sAnatomyday, everyone!

taurz... no, I'm a Leo...