Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Things I could live without but don't want to

In random order

Heated seats
Remote control
An Ice Maker
My iPod
Steering wheel controls for the radio and cruise control
Direct deposit
A kneaded eraser
Air Conditioning
The History Channel
My blog


Complete, Not Compete! said...

I would add only one thing to that list - remote keyless entry. . .
Go Dawgs!

regina Butler said...

I'm hooked. I would be a junkie going through withdrawal if I had to live without your blog. These friends are near and dear to my heart already.

And I don't want to live without my dogs and cats.

Supermom said...

parking space at work
indoor plumbing

Stacey said...


Wait... scratch Tivo. Insert chocolate instead.

Susan said...

my dog
automatic trash remover (hubby)
couch blankies

dhcoop said...

I'm glad to know you wouldn't want to give up your blog! The MRBAs would revolt.

Supermom said...

awwww, Stacey... you like me...you really, really like me...I'm right up there with deodorant..

*sniff* That is just a lovely sentiment.

Stacey said...

Like deodorant, supermom, without you, life stinks. :D

Supermom said...

Then I guess I will return the favor and say you are like toilet paper.

You make all the crap go away and this world a better place.

Marshall Ramsey said...

"I am your toilet paper to your deodorant."

Someone call Hallmark.

Woopwa said...


Supermom said...

because real men don't ask for directions!

Marshall Ramsey said...

We don't have to ask for directions. We are given them whether we want them or not.

(although we usually need them)

Katherine said...

I'll second the "Marshall's blog" vote. This is the only blog I read that's not a "Mommy blog" or a friend from real life :)

Also add --
hot chocolate with marshmallows
organic apples
Burt's Bees lip balm

Jennifer said...

my dog
bubble baths
my cell phone

Woopwa said...

Beer, I think?

Watercolor said...

caller id