Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tater wins!

With a whopping 3% of the vote in, the AP has declared Tate Reeves the winner. Shawn O'Hara can now prepare to qualify for another 700 races next election. In the meantime, maybe Dennis Kucinich will tap him to be his Vice President. They seem like a natural team.

Treasurer - General
56 of 1899 Precincts Reporting - 3%
Reeves, Tate (i) GOP
6,658 62%
O'Hara, Shawn Dem
4,145 38%


Watercolor said...

How can they declare a winner w/ only 3% reporting? I've never understood that.

vhdawg said...

Didn't this announcement come about one hour and twenty-two minutes late?

PS, you've gotta get rid of that word verification.

Marshall Ramsey said...

It's Shawn O'Hara. There could have been 0% and that one would have been easy to call.

Watercolor said...

Well, true, but still...

Marshall Ramsey said...

When I lived in Calfornia, they'd practically call the @#$# election before I could go vote. I used to HATE that.

Marshall Ramsey said...

Word verification?

And the announcement came yesterday, I think.

regina Butler said...

I know vhdawg's pain. you have to type a stupidly misspelled word in the handicapped zone before blogger will let you post.

That's why I said dern! I forgot to type the word while ago. If you don't fill in the zone, it won't post.

And the words are stupid. for instance this one is tqwdonuf. Pig Latin

Forcedtoretirelegaleagle said...

And this one is udugj - whatever!