Sunday, November 11, 2007

Question of the day

What bowl game do you think Mississippi State will go to?


vhdawg said...

If I had to stake money, I'd say the Liberty Bowl, but a lot depends on what happens the next two weeks. Should we slip up and beat both Arkansas and Ole Miss (not saying I'm expecting that, you understand), I could see us getting as high as the Peach. Or Chick-fil-A, whatever they call it now.

Personally, I still want that Outback bid we deserved eight years ago.

bloggerman said...

if we lose the next two independence

win the next two Eat Mor Chikn

go 1-1 then liberty

Watercolor said...

I have no idea how all that works but it is just so exciting!!!

Sandi said...

I hope it's somewhere in driving distance. :)

Midnoon said...

The Only one that counts is the EGG BOWL!