Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Popping up like zits on a 13-year-old chocoholic

A few years ago, I illustrated a book for Robert. St. John. I made the run from Jackson to Hattiesburg pretty frequently -- so frequently that I can tell you exactly when I am going to get some place in Hattiesburg when I leave the office. For example, last night I needed to be at dinner at 5. I made it there at 4:59. But what used to once be a straight shot down 49, is now getting clogged with new traffic signals. In the last couple of years, new traffic signals have popped up in:

At the Hwy. 35/49 intersection.

What's next? Piney Woods? Mendenhall? The turn off to Sumrall?

No doubt they were all needed. I would hate to turn onto 49. But last night, at around 9 p.m., when there was no traffic, I found myself sitting at the Highway 35 intersection looking at a red light. The only thing I could figure is that a opossum must have tripped it. Me and the mosquitos sat and watched as it cycled back to green. I just sat there and wondered if 49 will end up being like Richland all the way to the Coast.

Oh the horror.


regina Butler said...

Horror of all horrors!!! Wash your mouth out with soap!!! I need to be able to reach the coast in 6 hours without waiting at some @#A$% redlight at six in the morning.

April said...

that was funny! being from Simpson county, I travel 49 all the time. The red light at Star was a blessing. I cross that intersection twice a day going to and from work.

Marshall Ramsey said...

The Star light is a blessing -- but strikes terror in my heart when the yellow lights start flashing.

I wouldn't want to try to cross 49. It would be like the game FROGGER sped up 1000X.

MsBlondie said...

The light at Star is a real blessing. It is/was no fun trying to cross 49 there. Even just turning into traffic. It was a close your eyes and floor it thing.

The one in collins/mt olive was the same way so needed. along with seminary. Saw way to many wrecks there in seminary, it was needed 10 years ago.

*1NotSOcLUCKyRN* said...

I LIKE the 35/49 light. I have to make that left handed turn onto 49 South. Talk about close your eyes and floor it..OMG.


Stacey said...

And people wonder why I take 10 to 12 to get to Slidell. I got so spoiled with all the freeways in SoCal that now I can't travel any other way.

Marshall Ramsey said...

All were needed if you are pulling onto 49. All are cursed if you are traveling on it. I've done the Seminary one before -- I am just glad I have leather seats.

A limited-access highway to the Coast would be a nice touch, but it ain't happening in my lifetime.