Thursday, November 8, 2007

Morning Blog News Update: Thursday Edition

Today is the Mississippi Marathon -- no, not the inaugural Mississippi Blues Marathon that kicks off in January. Today will be the Marshall Mississippi Marathon. Mistletoe Marketplace is the the starting line. Somewhere in the middle, I need to draw two cartoons. And when I get close to the end, I need to drive south of McComb for a speech tonight. My bed is my Finish Line. My pillow will be my medal.

Sunny and high of 65. A fair warning, it's cold out there right now -- it's 33. There's a slight chance of showers tomorrow.

Shuttle lands safely
After a successful 15-day mission and a difficult spacewalk to fix the International Space Station's solar panel, the crew of the Space Shuttle Discovery landed safely yesterday. It turned out to be a perfect mission.

Governor may face new challenges
There are more Democrats in the Legislature -- so the Governor may face more hurdles getting his way. But considering he plays chess and the Legislature plays checkers, I think he will find a way to roll over them. And he has Phil Bryant there to name committee chairmen in the Senate, so I think he'll be fine pushing his agenda for this year -- Cigarettes for all Medicaid recipients who lose their insurance.

Info about Mistletoe Marketplace
Here's the story about the Junior League's massive shopping extravaganza that will have 25,000 shoppers swooping in on 150 happy merchants. I'll be there today -- stop by and say hi.

GM loses billions in the third quarter
Which is too bad, because General Motors is starting to make some really good cars again. Much of the $39 billion loss, it's largest quarterly loss and the second largest in U.S. corporate history, was due to a charge related to unclaimed tax credits and a bigger-than-expected loss at former finance subsidiary GMAC. From the story: JP Morgan analyst Himanshu Patel said despite the "messy" third-quarter results, the performance of GM's auto business was "actually better than we expected."

From Entertainment Weekly: Movies readers walked out on
This is an interesting list. I only disagreed with a couple of them (Rise of the Silver Surfer and the Bourne movie) but was glad I steered clear of many of them.


The Topiary Cow said...

The List of Movies walked out on is hilarious.

Cow remembers as a young shrub walking out on 101 Dalmations (too scared of something happening to the puppies).

Cow is only glad she missed most of this dreck.


Stacey said...

I'm so glad Solaris was on the list of movies. I walked out on that one, and I think it's the only one. Normally I stick it out because I paid for it, but Solaris SUCKED.

grammargirl said...

I disagree with Divine Secrets. I thought the movie was great, but the book is way better, as is usually the case.

Stacey said...

Grammargirl, I was a little indignant at that one. It's very classic chick flick.