Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Dinglebert leads

Money + Classic Ad = Victory

Secretary of State - General
295 of 1899 Precincts Reporting - 16%

Hosemann, Delbert
GOP 36,351 55%
Smith, Robert
Dem 29,766 45%


regina Butler said...

you are going to have FUN with his name over the next four years aren't you. dignlebert almost sounds like a christmas tune doesn'e it?

vhdawg said...

I recall Rob Smith from when I was a page in the Senate back during the Mabus administration, and I actually saw him in church this past Sunday.

Nice guy, nice afro.

Watercolor said...

Whoever came up with that ad is brilliant. And it is too funny because it is so unlike him! lol!

Marshall Ramsey said...

I'm with you, VH -- nice hair. I kept seeing shades of Mike Moore.

Watercolor said...

Okay, y'all have fun. Time for me to go take my head drugs and read until they make me sleepy.

Enjoyed getting things started with y'all.