Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Crazy day

The Mississippi Museum of Art is taking my cartoon exhibit from earlier in the year and is loaning it out as a traveling exhibit. It will go to over 30 museums around the state -- but first, it had to be unloaded from our car. So Mrs. R, Hot Laser Guy, Baby Ramsey and I dropped off 50 framed cartoons at the museum. We then went to Basil's and had lunch.

I have a doctor's appointment later this afternoon and tomorrow is Mistletoe. I also have a speech in Magnolia tomorrow night. So, I am not sure if I am going or coming.


regina Butler said...

A speech in Magnolia, Mississippi? How cool is that? Where are you speaking? I have a cousin who lives there, my favorite cousin. I know all about how to get around that town, well sort of. Only got lost once. And that's a record for me!!!

Watercolor said...

Very cool! Congrats on the traveling exhibit!!

Stacey said...

Basil's is awesome. Basil's Llama Farm is even better.

Of course, I had a frellin' Slim Fast shake for lunch, so basically anything would be awesome at this point.

No! I mean they're super filling and I'm completely satisfied! I don't even notice the hunger!

Susan said...

Llama's rock.